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How good is an huppermage pvm (lvl180-200)

By chiwe7da - MEMBER - January 16, 2020, 18:33:11

So as you can guess from the title, I'd like to know what do you guys think about huppermages at lvl 200 or close? 
are they worth it? And which ones are better HQB or LQB?
No one's mentioning a hupper when they talk about strong DD nor recommending it, and I rarely see them on dj ladders, I started wondering if maybe I made a bad choiceby picking this class as mymain DD...
Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Personally I don't play with the Huppermage. I see then quite often though and they seem strong. High QB seems to be more interesting regarding burst, *Arrow and Tears, but Low QB I don't see that often. A friend of mine has a high level Huppermage and Distance Single target is obviously pretty good. I don't think you've made the wrong decision, as long as you enjoy the class.

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Its a dmg dealer .it has high dmg. Mandatory for some content  .U cant go wrong with that.

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Good for ultimate bosses and decent elsewhere, also fun to play. Low qb is the best, i would recommend going with 200 qb.

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I have a lv200 Huppermage and its a pretty good DPS with good range and variety. You can capitalize on these passives:

  • "New Breath" starts the fight with 250 QB
  • "Gift Incarnation" +6% damage on elemental spells for each AP on light spells
  • "Fullness" +3% dmg on Light spells per AP used on elemental spells
  • "Dynamo" +15% dmg on elemental spells

And the rest is up to you. Essentialy, you will ALWAYS count with % bonus on your elemental and light spells, one buff the other. The "New Breath" passive will give you a 250 QB heradstart so you can launch one or two light spells so the next elemental spells are buffed, next turn you will probably have generated QB for another light spell to keep the buff and the elemental spells will make "Fullness" buff the next Light spell AND reduce the QB cost. Each turn you alternate Light and Elementals, trying to use the ones with your highest mastery and the enemy's lowest resistance, I especialy reccomend the Light Arrow with all four runes, but the fire branch deals a lot of raw damage as well.
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Thank you guys.
I really enjoy playing a huppermage but the lack of recommendations made mehave second thoughts , now I'm reassured.

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btw, small update, today I tested a build that you might like ^^
Passives: New breath, Fluctuation, Abundance. (those are the more important, the rest is up to you) and leave Gift Incarnate to another build.

Basicaly, with Fluctuation, once you reach 100% QB, your next spell deals +30% dmg. With abundance, your elemental spells used to build QB makes the next light spell takes up to +40% dmg. New breath is just to start the fight with a headstart of 250QB. And I reccomend using Twilight Beam with the Fluctuation bonus, sends your QB back to zero so you start again. Plus deals massive damage the more QB you have biggrin

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