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Best huppermage set for lvl 200? (cheap and expensive options)

By apsius - MEMBER - September 16, 2019, 05:19:01

Hi everyone!

I'm back at Wakfu and my huppermage is lvl 200. However, my set is actually lvl 185 xD

Since a lot of things have changed while I was away, and most guides I find have links to builder sites already dead... what is the best lvl 200 set at the moment for a 200BQ build??

I want to know what to look forward to (a "perfect" set, with all JS and harder dungeons loot) but also what I can get to upgrade my character and feel decent on all these new Zinit dungeons. 

You can use this builder in order to help. Thanks in advance!

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theres different ways top play huppermage .200 QB is just a general tool to ease using light . theres still much dept to it than just that if u could tell me plz what playstyle u prefer on ur hupper ill be able to help (what mastery . crit or na .....)

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To be honest, I've been playing mono/distance since the beginning. It does decent damage, but not enough to help in the Zinit 3 dungeons... and that's my problem. I feel like those 186 dungs are so "hard" because I lack damages, especially compared to other people I've seen (or videos). 

I tend to use water/earth spells, regular crits...

I'd like to know what are the best huppermages using and then adapt it to my own style ^^

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i would recommed playing air/fire air is generally the best element to deal dmg due to the new breath passif : 5%dmg nex turn on the target for each air spell cast while u have an air rune . fire is to move air around also playing air fire apart from higher dmg general give u a hidden bonus which immunityto range penalties as both element have their range locked .. not so good range but it isnt affected byanything u can also were items that dont give range which general give better stats . 
in my opinion building masteries is far better than building crit as u can reach 100 % crit without using any crit stacking spells 
heres a basic build up u can use : 1st turn : get 4 runes using their respective element (2ap spells) +heart of fire +2 butterflies (use butterfly as ur main air spell since it steal mastery) 

second turn : u will have 20 % dmg from universality +20 % from heart of fire +10 % from new breath on the target +300 mastery from spaming butterfy at the start of the turn . u spam 3 other butterfly giving u 600 mastery + in total then u light arrow ur light arrow will have 90% dmg then (after that spam air spells preferably disc since it give more stacks of new breath)

third turn : u will have 30% dmg from new breath on the target and 10%from universality  . and 20 % from hof  and well it repeats .

the core of this is just keeping 4 runes up and when u have them up spam butterfly 

also ill suggest playing full elemental mastery or St / elemental mastery (huppermage gets 10 % mastery bonus from last rune generated so increasing the max mastery will increase the  bonus recieved)

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I think classic 200 qb huppermages go for legano souvenir and shiver ring to acquire the 2 base wp. As for the rest of the set i have always liked going for a lot of crit and crit mastery along with epic unraveling sublimation, so that it may boost your general mastery. For the relic sublimation i would use either alternation II or alternation I, depending on your playstyle (arrow spam=alt II, fire/air focus would be alt I). I dont know if i am allowed to boost builder links in here btw.

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Yes, builder links are fair game!

About the rings, that's the only sure thing I got so I went for it. Shiver ring and Legano help a lot biggrin Although I wasn't very lucky with the runes slots e.e


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