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Huppermage: rune rotation (combo book)

By aeinn - MEMBER - December 19, 2018, 16:19:33

Why is rune rotation important?
- The two of the most powerful spell of huppermage, light sword and light arrow, highly depends on the amount of runes to be efficient
-having the right rune as last generated will increase huppermage damage by a small margin (every little percentage count)
-allows hupper to adjust the chromatic element base on your own will

On his guide I will separate it into 2 parts, a mono hupper which is suitable tor beginners, and tri-element hupper which is more suitable for intermediate players.

Using the same format as my previous guide, in below I will refer all 2 ap element spell with its respective element (fire/water/earth/air), and all rune with its respective color (red/blue/green/purple).


Last rune generated
I will refer all 2 ap element spell with its respective element (fire/water/earth/air), and all rune with its respective color (red/blue/green/purple).
All the combo listed below cost 6 AP, players can then spend the rest of AP on any other desire spell

For beginners:
Mono (single element rotation)
This section will have 4 parts, one part for each elements
Mono fire:
T1: air(purple)[purple] -> earth(green, purple)[green] -> fire(red, green, purple)[red]#
T2: disc(blue, green, purple)[blue] -> fire(full rune)[red] -> fire(full rune)[red]#
T3: wisp-save(blue)[red] -> earth(green, blue)[green] -> air(purple, green, blue)[purple] -> wisp-retrieve(full rune)[red] -> fire(full rune)[red]#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#

Mono water:
T1: air(purple)[purple] -> earth(green, purple)[green] -> water(blue, green, purple)[blue]#
T2: disc(red, green, purple)[red] -> water(full rune)[blue] -> water(full rune)[water]#
T3: wisp-save(red)[blue] -> air(purple, red)[purple] -> green(green, purple, red)[green] -> wisp- retrieve(full rune)[blue] -> water(full rune)[blue]#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#

Mono air:
T1: fire(red)[red] -> air(purple, fire)[purple] -> wisp-save(red)[purple] -> water(blue, red)[blue] -> wisp-retrieve(purple, red, blue)[purple]
#casting butterfly with water-fire rune is liable for distance DD therefore the usage of wisp, player can skip wisp if wish to pull enemy closer#
T2: disc(green, red, blue)[green] -> air(full rune)[purple] -> air(full rune)[purple]#
T3: wisp-save(green)[air] -> fire(red, green)[red] -> water(blue, green, red)[blue] -> wisp-retrieve(full rune)[purple] -> air(full rune)[purple]#
T4: repeat T2 thenT3#

Mono earth:
T1: water(blue)[blue] -> fire(red, blue)[red] -> earth(green, red, blue)[green]#
T2: disc(purple, blue, red)[purple] -> earth(full rune)[green] -> earth(full rune)[green]#
T3: wisp-save(purple)[green] -> fire(red, purple)[red] -> water(blue, red, purple)[blue] -> wisp-retrieve(full rune)[earth] -> earth(full rune)[earth]#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#
!!clean view(just spells)!!!!!!
This is the exact same as above but without runes and last rune generated so everyone can refer to it faster

Mono fire:
T1: air -> earth -> fire#
T2: disc -> fire -> fire#
T3: wisp-save -> earth -> air -> wisp-retrieve -> fire#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#

mono water
T1: air -> earth -> water#
T2: disc -> water -> water#
T3: wisp-save -> air -> earth -> wisp-retrieve -> water#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#

mono air
T1: fire -> air -> wisp-save -> water -> wisp retrieve#
T2: disc-> air -> air#
T3: wisp-save -> fire -> water -> wisp-retrieve -> air#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#

mono earth
T1: fire -> air ->  -> earth#
T2: disc-> earth -> earth#
T3: wisp-save -> fire -> water -> wisp-retrieve -> earth#
T4: repeat T2 then T3#


-----------writing in progress--------------


Added a clean view because orginal was messy and hard to refer to
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well done. does that mean that when i spend the 6 ap every turn to complete this combo i will have EVERY turn 4 runes?

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Yes, you will maintain 4 runes every turns.... except turn 1. Just pick which element of combo to follow to benefit from the extra 10% increase of mastery, maximising the light spell damage

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