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Score : 696

Huppermage 125QB Build (half DD/Tank)

By ZephyrWiz - MEMBER - October 23, 2017, 04:29:00

I am working to try  to make 125QB Hupper mage.
Because I didn't try Light spell build so, not sure about dmg.
But benefit with this build is HOF and Solar Stronghold.
Let's see 

* use epic rune give you more 10 crit when block over 40.  (total = 50 crit)
* use relic rune give 20block if not received heal in previous turn. (total = 81 block)
* try to not stack many rune for increase  +12% elemental but use many element for universary.
* why 5mp ? because boot give a lot buff but no mp you can change it if you like but hupper can TP that mp is not matter, and build is need to CC with high resist.
* all is elemental dmg rune

Concept build is Eternity of HOF for DD mode.
With dynamo passive will give 80 resist for you.
Resist from 

Why Gift Incanation passive ?
  • It give +6 damage dealt on elemental base on Light Spell AP.
  • with HOF Mirage use 1AP instead of 2AP and give 12 damage dealt for 2 turn. (because calculate from base spell AP)
  • with HOF Shiny Orb use 2AP instead of 3AP and give 18 damage dealt for 2 turn.
  • Gain +QB 20% each spell that easier to reach 125 with 10ap. (left 2ap is for solar stronghold if u need to tank)

HOF benefits = +80 resists with passive dynamo and give 20 damage dealt.
*DD = Damage Dealt , *EDD = elemental Damage Dealt(gift incarnation)
First turn. spell order is
1.HOF(2ap )                  +20 DD
2.Disc(2ap )                  + Rune:Air
3.Mirage(1ap)              +12 EDD & -15 resist monster
4.Resonance( 4 ap)     ! extra dmg with Air rune + Rune:Fire
5.Mirage(1ap)               +12 EDD (total 24) & -15 resist monster (total -30)
6.Energy flux (2ap)      
LAST QB after end turn = 51>>20 
summary bonus for next turn (+20DD + 24EDD with fire/air Rune + 15DD universary).

* you can change order like as 1,2,3,6,4,5 for boost Resonance with fire rune. or 1,3,2,6,4,5. or can use any spell + 1 orb cast.
Second Turn  ( totalBonus : 35DD + 24EDD & Fire/Air) 
This turn is massive Buff from Bonus total 59 Damage Dealt for Elemental Damage.
because have Fire/Air So just Spam Resonance or any spell you want.

UPDATE Combo for second turn.
1. Resonance  
2. Resonance 
3. Glistening Halo  
4. disc  
for this combo it better damage , consume the rest runes and 3rd turn still got 15 FD from universary.

3rd Turn you can start over with 2 Mirage. it just same First turn but you have more 2ap because no need to active HOF.
Concept to use mirage because Compare DMG/AP
LightArrow with full rune of 4 = 126+(21*4) =  210 (3ap) =70DMG / AP.
Mirage when use HOF = 68 DMG/AP.
so that why i try to use Mirage instead of Light arrow.
** Mirage make monster not suffer more dmg from side/back.

Optional for Tank mode
1.Disc(2ap )                  + Rune:Air
2.Disc(2ap )                  + Rune become Earth -15 resist
3.Eclipse(6ap)              + Armor.
4. Solar StrongHold    with 125 QB. ( 5time x 1000 dmg reduce).

VDO Clip Solar Stronghold >

VDO Clip General Gameplay

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Score : 2812
this was my build for the same idea. 
I like yours too.

why bring orb if its not in your spell rotation?

Score : 696

Actually combo is flexible. sometime first turn I can use 1time Orb instead of 2 mirage for massive debuff Resist monster .
HOF> and wind spell until last 2ap then use ORB it still have QB remain for stay HOF. 
if use this combo can use Orb for every turn. and get 18 EDD for every turn.

Score : 39

excuse me, do you use elemental mastery to take advantage of the runes? or is for something else?

Score : 696

Yes if possible I will use only fire air and light (so 15FD for universary) earth just for make a armore or incase no LOS. main adventage from give incanation passive when use cheap light spell.
Because this build you can modify secondary what you want. 

Score : 39


ZephyrWiz|2017-10-25 14:32:54
Yes if possible I will use only fire air and light (so 15FD for universary) earth just for make a armore or incase no LOS. main adventage from give incanation passive when use cheap light spell.

sounds really good. I´m still low level, but i'm very interesed. I had not considered some very useful things you do. excellent work. =)
Score : 672

can i ask, why not earth passive? Since its heal you, can help you a little

Score : 696

Because it Half DD and Tank, When you gonna full tank use earth passive instead of Gift incanation and Fullness replace with Pulsation.

Score : 39

Hi zephyr, i have a little cuestion again: there is a way to decrease the WP (or BQ) in a lower level character? I mean, is that kind of stuff only to 175+?

Score : 696

Hello, night.
I think it not possible to wear item that - WP unless lvl 200 Equipment ^^; 

Score : 4127

Whoa, beautiful resistances on top of stronghold! Awesome build.

Score : 751

This still works or is outdated?

Score : 487

The concept of the build itself is still valid, but it's a bit outdated on the skill department. 

Score : 1

Is there a possibility to get a variant of this build so it can still be valid to play currently ?  ( I'm a new player and totally lost about this class i've just created as it has just been updated )

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