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(Theorycraft) The future of Huppermages?

By challengeacepted - MEMBER - August 18, 2017, 02:25:43

So, it's been come to my attention that a lot, and i mean a LOT of new -WP items are coming next with the release of Ogrest.

So a few people and me got a bit excited trying to make meme builds. One in particular stood taller than the rest.

With a -6 WP equipment (-4 From Rings -there's a new -2 WP ring outside of shiver-, -1 From Feca Shield and -1 From the Shard), it'd be possible to make a 50 BQ build. That is basically a 0 Light spell elemental build which is capable of sustaining both Heart of Fire (13 BQ per turn), and Solar Stronghold (13 BQ per Hit), on the same build, while madly abusing of Reflux's steroid boost because you can get 50 BQ with a single spell.

While damage wise it may not be the "end all" build because Light arrow is still bonkers, a build which is capable of tanking 3 hits aswell as sustaining heart of fire at the same time, with high resistances +the resistances provided with Dynamo is no doubt a VERY troll-ish spec in PvP, specially singe Unmitigable damage coming from Resonance is really strong there.

There's also the posibility of going as absurd as 14-5 setups with the new pieces, so more regular build combos can be born from it.

I'm actually very excited due the build diversity this new patch will bring! It's a shame that Huppers only become so fun once they are 200.

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I will make this hupper just because it used to be a thing when you could rock 2 shivers a long time ago. It makes huppers a lot more fun in my eyes.

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Honestly, I just wish they made QB generation easier for higher QB huppermages. And yes, I do like the idea of low QB builds being an option, since it's DPS/durability over burst power. Either way, good luck to getting all that -WP stuff.

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The best bet for high BQ builds is just to rely on passive generation, it's still 25% (if you use Purification, which you should), so it's about 213 BQ for 850 BQ.

And thank you very much! I will probably play a -375 BQ rather than a -450 one, but it's still a bit of a pain to get all of the stuff i need x) 

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Been toying with 200 BQ again for a while.

It's the stuff of dreams, i forgot how fun it is!! Definitely a keeper for dungeoning and DEFINITELY a solid pick for Ogrest. 

Here's a vid

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Hello!! nice to see real DD Hupper with 200QB build. Wow That Tons of Damage smile 
If it works well on real fight please can you let me know? Because Last time I try to perform 200QB try to use Pulsation ... but it end up with very strict combo and need to line up with monster for cast spell. I always miss a passive when got -AP or +AP. or when monster dead in middle of combo it's break pulsation circle immediately.Thank you for sharing nice Vid.

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