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[Guide] Shedding Some Light on Huppermages

By Akiraiz - MEMBER - December 25, 2015, 07:15:21
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hmm i see cra are good and non linear that is the bigest no for me on huper but is not so much problem because they have teleport

i voted for huper revamp but it seem sadidas wins hand dowm

i will try the arrow spaming build and a twilight been one, hope they work,
ST+Long Range or Long range + elemental

cant decide the best route to folow

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Just an update. Ankama has noted the special feature in our Walloping spell and has effectively nerfed it to only 2 turns instead of permanently.

Of course, that's all they did. Thank you Ankama. You make players like me happy all the time with your effort on making this class fun

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This class was decent, some spells where meh, some were ok.
But now.... i feel this class needs an important buff / rework.
The combos with " Will o- the Wisp " and light spells are not worth it because takes too many turns and positioning.
At this moment, i feel that this class doesn't have a huge impact in-game, both PvE and PvP.
It's fun the combinations and all, but takes too many turns, making it a versatile class, but useless in so many aspects.

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Hello thank you for the guide it's very helpful since I'm new to huppermages and I will like to know which gear to use because I'm so lost in this, I'm level 131 and going St tri build fire,water air thank you again and sorry for my bad English

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Thank youearthfire:tap:water

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Hi there, is your guide still good for follow? I am not on par with any changes but I heard there were modifications to Huppermage.

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Huppermage is my starter class, and the only character that I have any real experience with, so there isn't a lot to compare, but I love it!  However, the most recent update has taken away some of the effects from spells that give the Huppermage some of its versatility and I feel that it makes those particular spells all but useless.  I would really like to see how you rate the spells as they are now.  (You rated the previous ones almost exactly as I would of.)

One last thing, all four of the Huppermage's original elemental spells have a new affect which is to steal elemental mastery of that element.  Is it better to steal from your opponents strength and attack with that, or to steal from their weakness and make them extra susceptible?

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Your main goal should be killing the enemy not trying to debuff it with a small amount of -mastery. Should just use the one element you use for damage (also implies enemies weakest resist) and if you somehow need extra damage to get a different light element.

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