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Thaleia's Fanart: [update: cra-4/17/13]

By Kazichi February 18, 2013, 20:17:55
Hi : D I'm Thaleia from the NOX server. I couldn't resist drawing my eni. Hmm what to draw next...

edit: I had to change the name of the thread haha. I'm guessing it would be considered spam if I make more than 2-3.
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That's a really good drawing. Glad you decided to show us some of your wonderful skills
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I like it. Though i must say, it's good her hair is there to cover up what her dress fails to reach lol

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very pretty. if you just want someone to tell you what to do next do a xelor biggrin 
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Wow that's absolutely stunning!
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Thank youuuu.
I'll try to draw a xelor after I finish this pic : D
I dunno if I want to keep these colors thou.

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Super adorable! Love love!
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I haven't finished the ecaflip yet, but xD I sketched out the xelor and finished this:

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Awsome! I like your style. smile 
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Wow! You're really good! Keep up the awesome work!
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Love the Sacri!
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ohmy that sac better watch out that bellaphone is gonna get him.

on another note do you have a tumblr or da account where you post art at?
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omg your art is so amazing :O I really can;t wait to see more of these!
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I must say this is quite good.
Especially that last one.
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These are gorgeous, amg blink //touches you art.
So pretty~
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Thank you everyone o: That makes me so happy that you like them xD!!!

@Nox16: xD Yes I do have a dA. You'll have to find it yourself o: Hhaha. Shouldn't be too hard xD.
Time to outline that xelor you wanted now.

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Kaaziiichiii, your art is gorgeous * a * wish I could do an art trade with you *slapped for knowing hers is way too low for the value of yours*

amg amg I must stalk you * v * 9
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Thank youuuuuu, Ichiechiechie. Whaaa. :< Don't say that. I love your art works. D:!! And I would love to do an art trade with you xD Just send me a message whenever hahah.
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