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Thaleia's Fanart: [update: cra-4/17/13]

By Kazichi February 18, 2013, 20:17:55
Hi : D I'm Thaleia from the NOX server. I couldn't resist drawing my eni. Hmm what to draw next...

edit: I had to change the name of the thread haha. I'm guessing it would be considered spam if I make more than 2-3.
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That's a really good drawing. Glad you decided to show us some of your wonderful skills
I like it. Though i must say, it's good her hair is there to cover up what her dress fails to reach lol

very pretty. if you just want someone to tell you what to do next do a xelor biggrin 
Wow that's absolutely stunning!
Thank youuuu.
I'll try to draw a xelor after I finish this pic : D
I dunno if I want to keep these colors thou.

Super adorable! Love love!
I haven't finished the ecaflip yet, but xD I sketched out the xelor and finished this:

Awsome! I like your style. smile 
Wow! You're really good! Keep up the awesome work!

Love the Sacri!
ohmy that sac better watch out that bellaphone is gonna get him.

on another note do you have a tumblr or da account where you post art at?
omg your art is so amazing :O I really can;t wait to see more of these!
I must say this is quite good.
Especially that last one.
These are gorgeous, amg blink //touches you art.
So pretty~
Thank you everyone o: That makes me so happy that you like them xD!!!

@Nox16: xD Yes I do have a dA. You'll have to find it yourself o: Hhaha. Shouldn't be too hard xD.
Time to outline that xelor you wanted now.

Kaaziiichiii, your art is gorgeous * a * wish I could do an art trade with you *slapped for knowing hers is way too low for the value of yours*

amg amg I must stalk you * v * 9
Thank youuuuuu, Ichiechiechie. Whaaa. :< Don't say that. I love your art works. D:!! And I would love to do an art trade with you xD Just send me a message whenever hahah.
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