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By Aacher - MEMBER - November 20, 2012, 10:37:46
I drew this ages ago... it only just occurred to me to upload it, lol.
For those that haven't seen the Wakfu TV show, this is Qilby. :3

The top drawing was done before I really knew what he looked like, which is why it's fairly inaccurate. The other two were done once he was well and truly in my brain. xD


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Cute scetches really =D
Thanks! :3
Epic A-R-T-I-S-T-A tongue i cant w8 u come back and kick ur ass
Thank you! biggrin So kind.
However, it's you that's getting their ass kicked, hahaha!
Whoa nice work. Lovin "dem hips" xD
Hahaha, thanks heaps! biggrin 
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