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Henry's FA

By NystagmusH - MEMBER - October 14, 2012, 23:14:42
Got addicted to Dofus, then to Wakfu, when shall it end >< ?

Wanted to make some fanarts with my characters so... hope ya'll like it
At least that one, for now

Her name's Hooper. I simply can't resist the drunky Panda Lady, never.


Inspired by idea in this topic Click here I decided to take my won shot on female Foggernaut as well

Few stupid things I made but... that happens ^^ Hope ya'll like it
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Well, not much of a reply but I will add one more anyway (with a little "bump of hope"tongue )

More Dofus related then Wakfu, but I still like it too much to not add this here
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Wow. I love the value you added to the the lines. Looks really well done. : D
My fav is the kitty one. So cuteee. I hope you continue to post more.
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Glad yo ulike it ^^
Simon (the Kitten) is always doing some weird stuff but I like him too much anyway xD
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You have such a great anatomy skills ^^ Bodies look so.. Mmm attractive~
Great works!
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Glad you liked it.
Hope I will have time to do some more soon
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Something in color
Everwaiting for things to explode miss Favilla at your service

Made especialy for the World Art Day - hope ya'll like it biggrin

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Needs more eni x sadida love. :3 Nice art, very detailed. I usually get too depressed myself to draw much of anything...
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Why thank you biggrin
Well, Sadi definitely falls into my spectrum of interest then sooner or later I will give her followers some attention ;D
As for the details - I personally try to keep a bit away from it at least in digital drawings ^^
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Wow! Gosh these are beautiful. I'm a sucker for a sadistic rogue wink 
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