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A Fairies Art

By Tomo-Ryuutei October 08, 2012, 19:10:05

My 1st bit of WAKFU art since its release in February.

This is my Enirpsa 'Valentine' from the Redmington sever & her Coney whom i've named 'Bugz'
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So cuuute~!

Thank you happy I'll be Posting more every now and then aswell happy

So keep an eye out maybe? tongue 
Totally Amzaing! Val you are Brilliant! Do some more, you make Hogwarts proud!


Yesh Sir! Ma' am Sir!
Awesome! biggrin Keep 'm commin'! ;-)
WoWnderfull blink ..
happy Thank you~
Amazing indeed. smile 
Oh~ why thank you Troyle~
He Hermione ever seen this one Click here

I made it and more is comming soon biggrin 
Love your style, especially how you draw Coneys xD
Keep up good work :3
Okie Dokie Artichokie~

NOTE: all of the art i'm about to post is old, very old, Old as balls. I did this tuff.. when like the game was still in BETA.

anyways here we go~

My 1st Character on the Beta an Iop

The Character I made when an international server was opened on the Beta.

A Feca I made. (If this image is breaking any rules, just tell me and i'll remove it HOHOHOHOHO!!)

This was the last character i Had before the beta closed. She's also the character i now have to

When i did this i was trying to do it in the Old wakfu logo design... I think.

Random Sacrier.

AND A RANDOM ENU YAY, all my old wakfu art in all its Horror~ Enjoy~

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