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A Fairies Art

By Tomo-Ryuutei October 08, 2012, 19:10:05

My 1st bit of WAKFU art since its release in February.

This is my Enirpsa 'Valentine' from the Redmington sever & her Coney whom i've named 'Bugz'
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So cuuute~!

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Thank you happy I'll be Posting more every now and then aswell happy

So keep an eye out maybe? tongue 
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Totally Amzaing! Val you are Brilliant! Do some more, you make Hogwarts proud!


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Yesh Sir! Ma' am Sir!
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Awesome! biggrin Keep 'm commin'! ;-)
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WoWnderfull blink ..
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happy Thank you~
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Amazing indeed. smile 
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Oh~ why thank you Troyle~
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He Hermione ever seen this one Click here

I made it and more is comming soon biggrin 
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Love your style, especially how you draw Coneys xD
Keep up good work :3
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Okie Dokie Artichokie~

NOTE: all of the art i'm about to post is old, very old, Old as balls. I did this tuff.. when like the game was still in BETA.

anyways here we go~

My 1st Character on the Beta an Iop

The Character I made when an international server was opened on the Beta.

A Feca I made. (If this image is breaking any rules, just tell me and i'll remove it HOHOHOHOHO!!)

This was the last character i Had before the beta closed. She's also the character i now have to

When i did this i was trying to do it in the Old wakfu logo design... I think.

Random Sacrier.

AND A RANDOM ENU YAY, all my old wakfu art in all its Horror~ Enjoy~

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