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Cleophelix, The Rogue Trigger

By marotomau#1460 - MEMBER - December 14, 2021, 18:35:48

A Iop/Eliatrope/Rogue hybrid. A concept character idea. I got inspired on action figures like LoL's Samira, Ow's Reaper and Dante from DMC. Hence whyi got this idea.
She is designed to be a Swordswoman Gunmaster, who also mastered the art of Gun Kata, and her usage of Eliatrope portals to fire the projectiles at the designed enemies, through the usage of her portals, while she can also be deadly at close combat with her Greatsword. Not to mention that she is powerful enough to summon her minigun and switch cannon. smile I also posted this on Discords related to Wakfu.

And also, the Stasis Chaingun's design is based on foggernaut'ish design and on Lol' Jinx's powpow gun design, and the Switch Cannon's appearance also is based on jinx's Fishbone launcher while it's dragonhed resembles Grougaloragran's head.

Powers and Abilities:

-Psychokinesis(Umbrakinesis, Dark Matter Manipulation)
-Eliatrope Powers (Portals,Weapon Summoning, Wakfu Manipulation)
-Skilled fighter (Enhanced combat, Weapon proficiency, Martial art specialist, Absolute marksmanship and Absolute Swordsmanship)
-Enhanced Stamina
-Gun Kata/Hōjutsu Specialist (edited)

Background and Personality(not to be confused with the original lore, since this is a concept idea):

Like Oropo, Cleophelix was also created by a time warp when Yugo fought Ogrest using the Six Eliatrope Dofus, and also has the essence of the God Iop's power (that came from Tristepin's aura when he was fighting alongside yugo, in which the the time warp also had an effect on Pinpin without himself realizing it, which is the reason why she was also born as a Iop. This led to the accidental creation of the Eliotrope people in Yugo's image, and the time warp scattered them through history, causing them to exist in the world thousands of years prior to their own creation. Then said, Oropo wasn't the only one. And Cleophelix, unlike Oropo,  she then fought to prevail in her physical existance and once she finally did, she decided to study and learn the reality about Krosmoz and how did it start, by observing the events and happenings during the original timeline. And knowing that she had also the memories of Yugo, she discovered that she doesn't need those memories, so she left them behind, while she was, ofcourse, rebuilding and assuming an identity of her own in the course of her growing and then in her adventures. Since she was little, she have dreamed of being the strongest warrior of the World of Twelve. Growing up, while she was trained by her adoptive loving Rogue family in many ways of combat for her survival, while also training with the most potent weapons through her powers and her genius level weapons crafting she ever created, while they all were living in extreme circumstances, slowly knowing and discovering the potential of her powers, since she knows she is in the same level as Yugo, her unyielding confidence, her hunger for knowledge, thrill, determination, recklessness and the desire to be the best, have been growing and growing while she was growing from an innocent Eliatrope girl to the most fiercest, yet versatile Mercenary while also as a shushu huntress, adventurer and a bounty huntress, during the course of her adventure. While staring at death in the eye with confidence and unmatched determination, she adapts during and after-combat, growing even stronger as a warrior. And then, while she has the knowledge of the Brotherhood of Tofu and their feats after observing the timeline and through Yugo's memories that later she discarded, she will not rest until they complete their conquest... so she will reach her most awaited prize: to face an ultimate challenge. cool
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