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RiikoChick's art 2.0

By Riiko96 - MEMBER - September 05, 2018, 01:06:41
Hello everyone, here I am again, back from the realm of the Shushus (?).
I decided to crate a new thread in this forum to share and show my most recent Wakfu related works. For the ones who have never seen me around, I'm Riiko and I used to play Wakfu a lot some years ago; now I'm trying to get back to it, little by little. Some of you might have seen my old Art thread, I'm starting a new one because my skills improved in these years and I don't want to mix old stuff with new one.
Well, enjoy!!
A commission I did for a friend of mine, featuring her cra OC Nifire and our friend's iop OC Fiddee (while the one on the left is my Wakfusona Kia the sram).
Another commission for someone on DeviantART, all characters belong to him.
My Eliatrope OC Nashter and his dragon sister Mirari celebrating Pride Month.
Art trade I did with a friend on Instagram, this is his OC Atlas the sacrier.
I will update this post when I have new Wakfu contents to share. happy
Feel free to leave a comment!!
If you like my art, you can follow me on:
DeviantART: RiikoChick
Instagram: Riiko.Chick
Tumblr: Followthechick
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