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few Wakfu fanarts

By Whitedove - MEMBER - April 06, 2018, 21:35:34
Hi~! I'm Witedove, or in game Kitsu~

Today is the day of premiere 3 season of Wakfu on Netflix so I wanted to share some of my sketches/arts that I did in few years on this forum. I tried to find good artstyle for Wakfu's fanarts, but I wanted all of them to be kind of fluffy biggrin

And theres few of my OCs from Wakfu universe~

I hope you like it, because I have big sentiment to Wakfu series. The reason why is simple, thanks to my fascinate to show I started to make digital arts, and now I can work and shere my passion with everybody biggrin
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This is beyond beautiful and great. Thanks for both making this and sharing. Hope you continue your work, seems like you have a passion for it.
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Gorgeous~ the eye colour and hairstyle is amazing cool~
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I love the design of your huppermage! Her hair is adorable <3
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