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Sram Redraw

By creepycat01 - MEMBER - March 03, 2018, 20:34:22

My Sram Character- Phii biggrin

2016 version

2018 version
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Score : 8954

Very nice, really like your artwork. U have any kind of social media dedicated to your artworks?

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Score : 963

Yeah, I have Instagram and Twitter! But I'm an unknown person in the internet ;w;
Instagram: soniendraws
Twitter: @soniendraws

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Score : 704

Thats really nice! Good job!
I would like to see a male sram as well if its possible ^^
Sram God's costume which is more cool would be even more dam great! biggrinDD

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Score : 421

Sorry for necro, but good progress you got there. Keep it up

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