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Score : 1980

Osamodas Fanart

By PunkSimon - MEMBER - February 08, 2018, 11:32:17
Meet my osamodas, Altair! He's a governor of Amakna. Altair is a fan of Lenalds' culture, hence he wears a lot of kimonos. I simply wanted to draw him with a bow. Cuz' who said only cras can use bows?

You can like this artwork on my twitter and see more art of mine at DeviantART happy
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Score : 126

Nice! Absolutely love it! Of course Osamodas can also use bows... as props when modeling. tongue (Says my jealous Cra, who wishes someone would paint him like that... with a summon!)

Score : 11795

This is some professional grade stuff!!
We recently started a production company and would love to do a colab with you sometimes on literally anything, your art style is amazing!!
Contact us on:
E-MAIL; [email protected]

Score : 37


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