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By Droodle-Bug#2639 - MEMBER - May 22, 2017, 22:24:11
Hello, hello. This isn't my first time on the forums, but I can't for the life of me find my old art thread. So uh, here's a new one. These mostly (okay, all) show my Sacrier and Huppermage. They probably are going to be deleted and remade at some point because it's been a billion years since I last played and I need to restart tongue

So. uhm, without further ado, here this stuff is. I'll probably (hopefully) update it soon. I've only just got back into drawing my girls so there isn't much recent art of them. Only two for now~!

Edit: I just found my old thread. I overlooked it oops. The art on there is gross anyway, so uh yeah happy Just gonna keep my stuff over here
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SHOOT I need to stop forgetting about these things so uh. Here's art I guess! It starts from when I left this off in uh... may so... yikes
((I don't like this one of Koralyyne it's a lil gross))
Both the sketch and finished of this one because I like them both

~Then a month-and-a-half--long stretch where I only drew Adventure Zone stuff~
Then another half a month and
And then there's a blurry post it picture o o p s

~Then another half a month passes...~
I never saved the drawing on its own so just ignore the commission stuff just look at that cutie Astrias.

~Then yet ANOTHER half a month later (we're in October now, kiddos)~
Again, sketch and finished together b/c CUTE
Then finally my new Sadida, Packii, hops in look at Her
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