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By -BlaK - MEMBER - January 05, 2017, 21:13:13

I'll try to keep this one post updated instead of creating a new one every time.

Osamodas Goddess:


lil Iop running

Iop Goddess

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Gosh I love your way with form. I'd buy your stuff.

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Thank you Elle! As soon as I can do it for a living I'll be thinking about selling some drawings, maybe? For now this is all I can do ^-^

12/01/2017 Iop Goddess ^ biggrin 

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Do you have DeviantArt? Or Instagram? I would like to follow you!

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It's been ~9 months since that person last logged, you might not get a quick answer.
That might be his/her deviant-page, though:
And that might be relevant too:

+1, your art is amazing!

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