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Tawo can draw too!

By PorceeCat - MEMBER - May 13, 2016, 17:28:08
Hi guys~
I'm making this thread to share some of my drawings. Mostly sketches, cause after switching from traditional to digital, i don't really draw much anymore. Most of the things here are just pictured memories of mine and my guildies~

Me and my guildies having fun with Robowl yesterday. Mostly first timers, and it got super messed up for a moment, but oh well, feca carried us all.... xD

Bday gift for my friend, I made a picture of his cra wearing passenthru costume ^^

This is my first character when I was still on Phaeris QQ Scara was called Sasha and it was really mischievous little guy ^^

Hope this much ecchi is okay ^^; My friend draw my character in dress way too short, so here is my revange~
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Uploading me in public like this... >.

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That's still part of your punishment! xD

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It is very nice happy

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Wish I could draw that well TT_TT

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