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Mini Wakfu Adventures

By Rokugatsu - MEMBER - October 29, 2013, 22:21:52
So I've made this short comic about Wakfu, hope you like it @_@ I'm planning to do more short stories related to Wakfu.

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Nice one Roku! smile

- Allysen
Ahahahaha, this is hilarious XD! Amazing! I really like how you panel stuff too. I'm looking forward to more of your stuff u v u b
Thanks guys! C:
Very nice!
Epic! I wanted to do some comics myself but inever had time for that.

I really like this one, hope for more to come soon!

p.s. The madoll impression - priceless.

And that eni face, oh boy, hilarious is the right word!
Thank you biggrin
Another one, though you better watch it in new window cos I changed the drawing program and had to write the text myself, so it's not that clear :E

Man... thats so true
and this is reason why I always have my sadi sitting in her garden or gathering material for craft....
What if we kill all the enis :O
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