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i am draw more picture

By Bulbasheep September 22, 2013, 11:02:57
o I came back to Wakfu, and then my drawing muse came back too, so I decided to finish up an old picture, and draw a new picture of two of my chars. c;

i resized the pictures to be smaller to fit on the forum without stretching. Clicking on them will bring up the full size. c;

"What time is it?!"
"No Twiggy no..."
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Nicely done pics. Well done. ^^

Good to be giving to your characters more life than just in-game renders and endeavors.
Score : 2102
Thank you very much! It's lots of fun giving life to my characters.

Anyway--I edited my Eni picture, I realised I forgot to add potions on his belt, and I also made his wings smaller since that's how I always imagined him. c;
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Lol "no twiggy no..."
Thats how everyone feels about our lidddo coneys :C
These are super super adorable! GG I love the choice in colors!
Score : 2102
I know that even though they pretend to not like the coney, that they all love its cute adorableness, so I summon them anyways.

And thanks very much! I'm glad my pictures look cute to you. :D
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