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Bread (edible fan art!)

By Xaviere - MEMBER (+) - July 21, 2013, 23:58:32
Rye! More to come, maybe.

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Bread! happy

It looks good.

For comparison:
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It *was* good! Are you still gonna make me try Cat Bread? (I think I can...)
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Wow, nice job. I think you should try making gobball bread sometime or piwi. smile 
Score : 7921
So cool ohmy
ps. Make all the foods shown in the anime. k? biggrin 
Score : 8504
Neat! Omnomnom. Do the other food in game as well! Would be interesting to see a lot more from you biggrin

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And then make a cosplay with those. tongue 
Score : 348
Cornbread! Slightly-sweet, golden-brown (okay a little too brown, I didn't take my water out soon enough) cornbread!

Score : 4296
Looks tasty as always. Wonder how one would make brick bread? XD
Score : 2535
Mmmm I still remember when you whispered me that delicious chunk of rye
Sooo nommy! Send some my way, K? K.
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@[email protected] These bread looks like the size of my head.
Score : 1754
requesting piwi bread

+10 points if piwi meat filled
Score : 11388
Isnt there comming more :O sad love those breads
Score : 613
Score : 348
I'm playing again, I'll see what I can do!
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Xaviere|2014-05-16 18:25:41
I'm playing again, I'll see what I can do!

Oh my oh my

My very first Wakfu friend. Welcome back. Hopefully You'll share some more of that delicious bread you make irl smile

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