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Bread (edible fan art!)

By Xaviere - MEMBER (+) - July 21, 2013, 23:58:32
Rye! More to come, maybe.

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Bread! happy

It looks good.

For comparison:
It *was* good! Are you still gonna make me try Cat Bread? (I think I can...)
Wow, nice job. I think you should try making gobball bread sometime or piwi. smile 
So cool ohmy
ps. Make all the foods shown in the anime. k? biggrin 
Neat! Omnomnom. Do the other food in game as well! Would be interesting to see a lot more from you biggrin

And then make a cosplay with those. tongue 
Cornbread! Slightly-sweet, golden-brown (okay a little too brown, I didn't take my water out soon enough) cornbread!

Looks tasty as always. Wonder how one would make brick bread? XD
Mmmm I still remember when you whispered me that delicious chunk of rye
Sooo nommy! Send some my way, K? K.
@.@ These bread looks like the size of my head.
requesting piwi bread

+10 points if piwi meat filled
Isnt there comming more :O sad love those breads
I'm playing again, I'll see what I can do!
Xaviere|2014-05-16 18:25:41I'm playing again, I'll see what I can do!

Oh my oh my

My very first Wakfu friend. Welcome back. Hopefully You'll share some more of that delicious bread you make irl smile

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