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Chibi Osa girl

By Maxiliano May 01, 2013, 22:10:06
At facebook,a friend posted a site to make chibi avatars.

So I decided to try and made it.

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Here's my little Sadida, modeled after my main, Emeralkat.

Added my Rogue, Nyarlkat.

(imagine Emeralkat's teddy bear is a Doll, and Nyarlkat's flame is a bomb)

And for those who want to have fun too, here's the link so you can make your own:

Chibi Maker 1.1

- Kat
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Just to let you know the forum has a art section where all the cool kids hang at:
Click here
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Ah, almost forgot about the art section. Though while this is art, it's not drawn by one of us. I got a little caught up in how cute it was, so had to add my own to the thread =^.^=

- Kat
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How can i contact some1 to move it then?

Thank u whoever moved it
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Omg those chibis are adorablee. There's so many options. Wow.
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I think I went kind of overboard on mine, lol. This is my eni, Nostalj using that generator, so cute. happy

And my Sadida, Pathway to the Stars. She's a city girl who likes to keep it simple. XD
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This is as close as I can get for my Cra, Akyna (too bad there aren't any bows and arrows).
I placed such a face for when she's meeting her future boyfriend for the first time who got charged by a Gobball Warchief (talk about butthurt literally!) and she's apologizing for the gobball's behavior.

This is my first cra, Skai, at least as close as I can get to him (Again no bows and arrows available). In the game he's supposed to have a beard but I don't like the beard so I purposefully left it out! laugh
I really enjoy this chibi maker. It's perfect for some classes!
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