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lazy arts of lazy me

By pewbird - MEMBER - February 26, 2013, 09:36:53
i don't cnow what to write.. just please look of my drawings.

and my stupid cra Lamika and her adventures

her very first set x) and first drawing of Lamika

and other classes

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dat panda, dat osa.. *nosebleeds upon the sight of so much skinship* *slapped* *q*
cute artworks of Lamika \o/
I like that Rogue : D
wonderfull arts!!
These artworks are really wonderful. Keep up with the good job. ^^
Zemn, milordDen, NystagmusH, thank you all very much^^

and now... new picture xD

yes, im the old pervert xD
Beautiful Bellaphone o:
Dang, you draw so well. wink Cute chibi artwork too.
some Dofus animation fanart

Suto & Lustfull for Aho^^
-looks at title: "lazy arts by lazy me"-

If that's lazy then I can't imagine what would not be lazy art ?-o.o" (Holding a sign with question mark and having a sweatdrop)

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