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Laci's nub art

By Ichiechiechie - MEMBER - February 26, 2013, 08:30:48
Because its maint/update/patch hour and I'm bored. And Lillin/Beldin has been making me itch to grab a pen and just draw something since last night *-* this one's for you bby wink *we should really chat outside game kuku so hard to link you things QQ*

please forgive my mistakes, I am a nub *head desks*

wip, my favorite Pandawa and Eniripsa in game :')
Sty loves his barrel and Frezzy loves farming cloudy cotton :'DDD
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It's awesome Laci *o* Love it~
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amg. @ Aho-sama *hands down* nuu, I hope I havent made you blind from too much nubness kuku. O: Good morning \o/ thanks for looking. *bows down*
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OMG O: looks so good!!! Draw faster : D!

I see sai ouo!!!
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I love it so much I'm thinking about extending the maintenance just so you draw more! tongue

Keep up the good work!
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Troyle|2013-02-26 11:42:14
I love it so much I'm thinking about extending the maintenance just so you draw more! tongue

Keep up the good work!
Good one!
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haii /o/ and because Troyle did extend the maint *especially for me- shot'd x99*

for Styliaqt /o/
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Amazing *-* Love em all QQ
And shh about being bad! :@ Rawrr xD

- Stylia
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There's a real lack of good Wakfu art, and Laci provides us moar cool things~ Thank you for drawing, hope you'll keep it up *w*
*likes new chibis even more*
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Really nice work. Always a pleasure to see the work of talented artists. smile 
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It's so adorable~ show us more soon OK?
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Aww *kuku* thanks, guys. Didn't think I'd get back encouraging feed back after putting up this post- that and I'm not really good dealing with compliments/comments eek!-*hides*

I'd definitely want to post more *as I do have a list of in-game people I wanna doodle up from time to time* Its a pleasure to share stuffies like these to you guys /o *as my art blog is dead x_x* am grateful *bows* u v u

- Laci
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No prob Laci, we're always ready to support you >w< Go go draw more~
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Thankyou so much nokopants~

My osa babeh is adorables ^ ^
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Your artworks are beautiful and deserve compliments : D Get use to it hahha. Art blog on dA? xD Hhehe. Time to revive it! Post more soon.

O: I better be on that list. Jking jking.
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@Aho-sama: thank you!! am grateful \o/

@Bell: am glad you liked it *bows*

@Kazichi: Yes. I just.. stalked you o///o b

Q-Q I wasn't just positive that people would like it. kuku. but yeah, am not used to it OTL oh and you are on my list now * v * 9 ahhh *runs and strangles her tablet* *shot'd*

Am sorry for being a creeper |||OTL

- Laci *lags*
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