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Contest: The Great Pet Reveal Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 27, 2022, 18:00:00
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Hello everyone,

Post your entry here! If you are unsure how to post an image, you can check this guide.

Before serving up some much-deserved public humiliation to your adorable little pal, there are a few rules you'll need to respect (even though your pet doesn't care about rules):
  • Only one entry is allowed per account (all communities combined).
  • Our CMs reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their sole discretion.
  • Players can edit their entries until the end of the event. However, if any changes are made after that point, the entry will be automatically rejected.
  • There will be 3 winners per community, for a total of 12 winners in all.
  • Each of them will receive:
    • A 7-day Booster
    • The pet skin of their choice from the selection available in the shop
    • One serving of Growth Kibble

Depending on which social media platform(s) they posted their photos to, these winners will also get:
  • Forum: a Wodent Costume
  • Twitter: a J'Fav Costume
  • Facebook: a Like't Costume

Check the full details of this contest on this link
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Solkrupt

Congratulations to Solkrupt! You take home a Wodent Costume, a 7-day Booster, One serving of Growth Kibble, and a pet skin of choice! Kindly reply with your character name + class + server + pet skin of choice (must be available in the shop) to receive your prize. Thanks!

See message in context
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Score : 1895

This fluffy love loaded singlecell brain kitty almost made my heart go nuts.
I've been searching for him for an entire hour , I've even thought he could've escaped while I was cleaning the house!
Turns out he was having a nap inside a drawer , didn't even bother apologizing.

Anyways , I can't hate on him with such cute nose. 

(Here is the video for your entertainment)
1 -5
Score : 6211

I swear one day someone won't notice you and is going to start the drier with you in it, get out this instant!

And stop sleeping on my bed, posing dramatically won't get you out of trouble this time missy!
3 -6
Score : 538

i call this art piece: ''walking on rough asphalt to follow a rat needlessly''
this criminal (lycan) right here followed a rat through asphalt, scratching is pawpaw pads in the process
then complaining why are they scratched. the entitlement of this man

and this is his my pawpaws are hurt face 
2 -6
Score : 451

"Listening to my mommy and daddy is a choice. I'm Jill, but they don't call me little dragon for nothing. I'm a spicy auntie (but sweet too), and I will let you know when you talk too loudly near my backyard's fence or when I smell some Trool farts from your direction. The only thing that I will do anything for is my dads cappuccino coffee milk foam, fresh from the Moogrrs.

Last fun little fact, the doorbell is my greatest enemy. Ogrest is nothing compared to that wretched sound."
1 -6
Score : 1376
My Name is Venus, I can be your best friend or your best enemy , all depend on you
3 -10
Score : -597

 fast shot a man who bite me 4 times. Its okay, you still a goodboy

1 -5
Score : 2394

Proper treats for "Moth Hunter."
They hunt moth for me.
A swarm of moths flock to the light in the dark.
No moth can pass the door.

2 -7
Score : 19

This is Iggy! She LOOOOOVES to be involved in all the games I play. Sometimes she'll watch, or help attack monsters on the screen, maybe press a couple keys, or even move the mouse for me(or stop me from moving it). 

Unfortunately as spirited as she is.. she's not very good at games. She has directly caused my death(or my friends!) countless times. ohmy

3 -5

Congratulations to Solkrupt! You take home a Wodent Costume, a 7-day Booster, One serving of Growth Kibble, and a pet skin of choice! Kindly reply with your character name + class + server + pet skin of choice (must be available in the shop) to receive your prize. Thanks!

Score : -29
I'm raising a fox called Mimo.(I even use fox skin in twelve world.)
It always snapping at my sleeping pants ohmy, somtimes, still will bit on my legs stupidly(Ahhhh) , maybe a little annoying but cute for me.kiss
To my consideration, the action must a behavior of liking me .
And i creat a painting for my cut fox,  that attached follows.
3 -7
Score : 30

How are you living my dream and raising a fox..? I’m jealous..
May I ask in which country do you live?

0 0
Score : 2336

Working in the world of bugs I've met many a colourful character but none match the pure dramatic energy of you: Button the blue feigning death beetle and your power to pretend to be dead to get out of work.
I know your name suggests it but a light breeze will cause you to play dead, during my talks you've worried people as they ask me "is it ok?" "oh my gosh is it dead?!" as the moment I bring you out on your log you look like a corpse and in one case refused to stop the whole time I was talking making me need to bring out your sibling instead.

it brings far more attention to you than you want but you do cause one heck of a stir and gets the talks moving so I guess I can forgive you. 

2 -5
Score : 1734
3 -8
Score : 668

Grease's face when she discovered the name of this belt... laugh 
2 -4
Score : 8
Лежащий живот вверх.
The baby and the cat really like spending time together.
7 -6
Score : -75

She pays attention to every move I make, sometimes it takes a lot of time and energy to pick her up and take her to the vet, if only she was so calm when it has to be taken, i love her so much ^^ <3

2 -4
Score : 1031

Gobby... I love you, but this is the last time I'm bringing you along for vacation fear

1 -4
Score : 893

My kitty is not only smart and beautiful, but also a great helper around the house.  I love her very much

8 -7
Score : -6
Tom is a legendary hunter
6 -7
Score : 8

This is going to be a sad story.... She was my cat,she died a few months ago from cancer , I miss her every day. She was  like a little sister , a stupid one yeah  ... but my little sister !  
we played chase and hide and seek ( many of the times she followed me to kill me but details sssh ) ...she was a little cute devil ... but was only my little cute devil !! and not seeing her around the house is still strange. My last words to her were, sleep well... but in the morning she was gone. Hug your pets tightly for me ,a big one! 

If a multiverse is real I hope I find my cat in every single one. 
7 -6
Score : 39

Just love to play!
3 -6