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Event: Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2022 Third Trial Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - April 25, 2022, 13:07:15
The Miss & Mister World of Twelve contest's third trial has begun, post your entries here! 

This is an extremely important trial because once it's over, we will select the Miss and Mr. winners of each nation (on each server). This trial will reward the best outfits… and the best descriptions! Present your character at their best in a truly exceptional outfit, the one that will show the whole World of Twelve that you're a unique and magnificent creature. Your entry must be accompanied by a descriptive text of no more than 100 words.

A note from your hosts:
Starting with this trial, the Rubilax communities will be merged.
  • You must have passed the previous trial to participate.
  • Only your character may be visible in the screenshot.
  • Your outfit must be different from the one you used for the first trial.
    • Costumes are not permitted.
  • You may take a picture of your character wherever you like (except in a Haven Bag or Haven World).
  • Your presentation must be appropriate and respect our Terms of Use.
  • Your text must include your character's name, nation and sex.
  • The participating account and character must be the same as in the previous trial.
  • Changing your participating character's sex/class/server during the contest period is strictly prohibited.
  • The screenshot must not include modifications of any kind (filters, added elements, etc.). Only trimming, reframing, or zooming in on your screenshot is permitted.
  • Your hosts reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their sole discretion.
  • Modifying your entry is prohibited once it has been published.

"In Astrub, everyone turns to look at me. Everyone's got an opinion. Perhaps it's my delicate scent of eau de toilet, or my high-fashion outfit made from only the finest recycled paper. I was disqualified from the Mr. Ugly competition, so now I'm in the running for Mr. Astrub. This time, I'm making a real effort: no more eating my boogers in front of the judges." Koko, Astrubian, male Pandawa

 You have until Sunday, May 15 to submit your entry.

The winners of this third trial will receive:*
  • A place in the final trial.
  • Title: Miss/Mr. "Name of Nation".
  • A house in their nation.
  • Patriot Wings Run for their nation.
  • A Wodent costume.
  • A Bronze Trophy.

To learn more regarding this round, click here.
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Score : 14350

"Knight...and a butterfly. What do you imagine when you hear these words? The knight wears armor and protects what is dear to him. Butterfly combines tenderness and fragility. This is how I approached the creation of this fashion. An intimidating helmet and dark colors are needed to non-verbally convey the signal - I'm ready to fight! Beware of the Butterfly Knight!! Bonta sleeps peacefully when I spread my wings at night..." Infoculus, Bontarian, male Xelor
47 -44
Score : 14350
Full screen :

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

Art :

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

15 -5
Score : -107

Yosra, brâkmarian, female Rogue

Happiness and songs are my devise, Making party to sing and dance and let everyone forget about their bad moments
Join me to reach the happiness with songs & flowers
Forget that which has gone forever, don't let your sadness be there too 
Don't get irritated
Get happy a little and laugh a little
Like this you can raise your spirits
With my heart sings and sings
Make my songs reach every place attaching my singing on all the places of twelve
And if I must right now I'm alive
Because I say no more madness, and to distress bye bye

12 -33
Score : 56

"The protagonist of the story breaks through the Dark Portal. 
 Does he represent justice or evil?
 If he is an angel why flashes ominous wings;
 however, if he is a devil how can he have a divine halo. 
 What the existence of this contradiction will bring to the World of Twelve, NO ONE CAN KNOW."

Call me Wonderwomen,Amaknian, male  Sacrier
32 -21
Score : 880

  Misao, Bontarian, female Sram
"I look my best when I'm swaddled up in a cozy blanket of snow. If I'm not busy being a mild inconvenience to my party members you can find me chilling at the berg. Snow fights, skiing, ice skating and breath taking sights what more could a Twelevian want." 

Sponsored by Chillberg 
14 -17
Score : 242
"Dear dreamers, you might want to sit down, look at the starry sky and feel the moonlight with the wind before continuing to chase your dreams on the road walked by clouds."
Nayang, Bontarian, male Sacrier
24 -27
Score : 242
Keep dreaming...
7 -15
Score : 130

"My friends didn't think I was serious when I told them that I was running for Miss World of Twelve; they laughed and stated that I was too smol and the judges won't even notice me. But I've said it once, and I'll say it 69 more times: Size doesn't matter. angel (Well, Maybe for a bag of Kamas, it does). I believe if you have a big heart and a strong will, you can reach the stars. Or, in my case, the platter on the table." Monni, Amaknian, female Sadida
6 -16
Score : -17
Please be Miss Amakna wub <3 
2 -2
Score : 94

Brakshire Dairy, Brakmarian, female Xelor
Guild: Brakshire Hathaway Inc.
Occupation: Agricultural management
Blood Type: D (for dairy)
Likes: Pandawas
Dislikes: Osteoporosis
Favorite song: Sufokia - Terrana Dune

Introduce yourself.
"H-hello! I'm Brakshire Dairy, subsidiary of Brakshire Hathaway Inc. Our calcium-rich dairy products are endorsed by countless 85%+ resist Pandawas."

Tell us about your attire.
"Company insisted on "refined appearance" after I disclosed plans to wear my favorite Moogrr pajamas to this interview."

Moogrr pajamas are kinda dumb to wear publicly wouldn't you agree?
"You have 10 seconds to run before you end up on my wall"  (╯ꐦ°□°)╯︵┻━┻
4 -7
Score : -1

His mighty cry, they fear
his rising clucking, they hear
the smell of tofu goodness draws near
Before finally, they get a good kickin' on the rear.
With his featherly highness' guidance he seeks
The ancient to-fu techniques    
For he is the Eniripsa with the grand kick plan
The cowardly hero who miles he ran
The one and only
Mimejester, Sufokian, male Eniripsa
10 -13
Score : 130
Really creative and funny. laugh
2 -7
Score : 101
 ”The young panda is worried about the fierce attack of the blightopard below the mountain.
Uninterrupted training every morning did not ease her anxiety.
She felt that she did not have enough strength.
But soon she recalled what the master had said:You cannot leave, real warrior never quits. Gradually the panda's thoughts calmed down.
Her moves began to flow

If you can only do what you can, you will never be more than you are now.”

Call me pengyuyan,Amaknian, female Pandawa
34 -15
Score : -122
Without a doubt, one of the best photos, from english server. Congrats!
0 -8
Score : 658
"Who are you, mister?" said Chibi
"How in the blazes do you see me! Pardon me, young one, I am the doctor"
"Oh hello! I’ve never seen one in black before. What are you holding?" said the annoying child.
"It is a scyt…pair of scissors" I lied
"Goodie, come make origami with me!"
"Origami-shinigami, sheesh!" I groaned
It is never easy to take the life of The Innocent
Surely one who could stare Death in the eye
Is more grim than I could ever be

fifayfufam, Brakmarian, male Cra
10 -2
Score : -29

"A dark wabbit leaves Wabbit Island for beach of Sufokian, even begs for a passport from Guard HQ. 'Kid,you cant remain here. As you know, sufokian's citizens will kill you ' HQ says.
‘But i really join here ,espeically indulge BGM. Look, i even had learned Sufokian's whislte ’ wabbit responding, ' I had taken my favorite Red foux and decided to inhabit here! ' "
Murti, Sufokian, Male Xelor
12 -8
Score : 16
Oh? a wabbit indulging Sufokianpensive
1 0
Score : 849

“I wear a red outfit that symbolizes the courage and strength I strive to embody- characteristics I’m using in this trial, as I’m more at home wielding my fists than a pen.  The friends I’ve met during my Twelvian adventures would recognize my lack of elegance and poise the same way they know my feathered cap. Challenges, successes, and failures have been made sweeter by the company of all my fellow adventurers, so I can only hope I recompense my shortcomings with honesty and kindness- or, failing that, I’m at least easy on the eyes.”  

-Kisandra Yushein, Sufokian, female Iop
12 -11
Score : 249
I blend in like any local but dress my best for a good night in the Brakmar tavern. Even when drunk off my Dragoturkey, I am sure to be a spirited Brakmarian. I’ve conquered quests and dungeon for this garb and take pride in it. Did you just *hic* say my hat would look better on a Rogue?! I suggest you take that back unless you’re looking for a bar fight. Actually, meet me downstairs, we can make this a show!

Rozwell Blitz, Brakmarian, male Sacrier
6 -3
Score : 29
“I must be dreaming.

Perhaps it was the wisps, lighting the scene before me.
Perhaps it was the gem, floating above the debris.

Perhaps it was the scenery, illusive it felt to see.
Perhaps, it was the lady. Beneath the gemstone was she.

Her cape and tiara glowed with Wakfu.
As the flowers at her feet blossomed a beautiful azure hue.

Her appearance, resembling of a saint herself.
Her dress, embodied the essence of life itself.

I must be dreaming.”Atsila, Sufokian, Female Sadida
6 -4
Score : -75
"okey okey let's stay calm, for a mission I had to sneak and blend among the Boowolfs to study them and get more information, but now I'm in it up to my neck, while we were patrolling the area one of the guard troop saw me write some notes and he became unsuspected, I had to take him out and went straight back to my patrol area, luckily I found the remains of a possible warrior, bones for the pack, I called everyone so I can't be suspected of no sudden disappearance."
Xana Koby, Amaknian, male Eliotrope
1 -4
Score : 2

You do not deserve to know everything about me
I am a purple tulip amongst red roses
Come closer, you may like what you find

I do not live or die for anyone
The Earth is my Mother
The Sun, my Father
I will grow whether you water me or not
I will die when the ground is tired of my presence
I will wilt because it was meant to be
Not because I was crushed by the unforgiving sole of your polters

Destroy me.

I will always grow back.

Oreade, Bonta, female sadida
12 -10