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Event: Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2022 Second Trial Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - April 25, 2022, 13:00:21
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Score : 222
Theme:IOP Pastry Chef (learned to farm in Amakna and started the research on carrot medicine)Sour's, Amakna, Female IOP
2 -8
Score : -75

Theme: Time That Flies (by the time you study, you see the seasons fly away in the corners of the room)
Xana Koby, Amaknian, male Eliotrope
2 -11
Score : -75

i just modified the title cuz it added "=1.5remT=1.5remime" idk what that is, it might be a bug? idk (i just removed the thing added)

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Score : 87

Why so many downvotes? Does someone have 20 alts accounts? Did the people not post their Haven Bags? 

2 -8
Score : 207

Theme: Nostalgia and Treasures
(My haven bag has too much precious memories since my first set crafted to a plush that a very special person gave it to me)
Pinky-Nadia,Sufokian,Female Pandawa
4 -8
Score : 456
Theme: Angrrr Shui (or my lovely place to suffer and rest).
Ema Stassiah, Bontarian, Female Sacrier.
3 -8
Score : 2

Theme: A Sadida's little piece of H(e)aven
Oréade, Bonta, Female Sadida
8 -10

Hello everyone!

We had a great time visiting your beautiful homes and everyone did a great job with the decorations. It was tough but we need to pick the winners that we go on to the next round...

And here are the winners for the second trial:


  • Miss Monni, Sadida (Moonif#7285)
  • Miss call me pengyuyan, Pandawa (pengyuyan#3526)
  • Mister Call Me Wonderwomen, Sacrier (ben-huhu#3329)
  • Mister Xana Koby, Eliotrope (xanakoby#6545)


  • Miss Misao, Sram (Alocispep#5100)
  • Miss Oréade, Sadida (Hazel0#8659)
  • Mister Nayang, Sacrier (ShikiNoMaga#9149)
  • Mister Infoculus, Xelor (tempus#5351)


  • Miss Brakshire Dairy, Xelor (Trevni#3663)
  • Miss Yosra, Rogue (caramella2#9070)
  • Mister Rozwell Blitz, Sacrier (Equiuskazee#7112)
  • Mister Fifayfufam, Cra (fifayfufam#4024)


  • Miss Kisandra Yushein, Iop (Xander520#1629)
  • Miss Atsila, Sadida (NoodleDoodle#2646)
  • Mister Murti, Xelor (2358310603#9919)
  • Mister Mimejester, Eniripsa (MimeJester#8915)

Congratulations! You will each win a Splendid Cushion (name not yet finalized), an original haven-bag decoration especially made for the occasion.

You are also formally invited to the third trial, which will determine the Miss & Mister of the Nations, and those who will compete for the supreme title of Miss & Mister World of Twelve!