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Event: Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2022 Second Trial Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - April 25, 2022, 13:00:21
AnkaTracker Announcements

The Miss & Mister World of Twelve contest's second trial has begun, post your entries here! 

No great beauty of the World of Twelve would live in a dirty, cluttered Haven Bag! Share a photo of your cozy pad and show that besides looking great for your nation, you also have impeccable housekeeping skills.

  • You must have passed the previous trial to participate.
  • You must choose an interior design theme for your Haven Bag and explain it in a text under your screenshot.
  • Your text must include your character's name, nation, and sex.
  • Your Haven Bag must belong to you.
  • Your Haven Bag can be whatever size you like.
  • Your Haven Bag can be decorated with whatever elements you choose.
  • You must take an expanded screenshot of your Haven Bag.
  • The screenshot must not include modifications of any kind (filters, added elements, etc.). Only trimming/cropping and zooming in on the screenshot are allowed.
  • Only your character may be visible in the screenshot.
  • The participating account and character must be the same as in the previous trial.
  • Changing your participating character's sex/class/server during the contest period is strictly prohibited.
  • Your hosts reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their sole discretion.
  • Modifying your entry is prohibited once it has been published.
Theme: Minimalist (or should I say, "broke")
Koko, Astrubian, male Pandawa

Tip: to hide the UI on your screen, use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE)!

You have until Sunday, May 8 to submit your entry.

The winners of this second trial will receive:*
  • A place in the next trial.
  • 1x Splendid Cushion (new!)

To learn more regarding this round, click here.
First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone!

We had a great time visiting your beautiful homes and everyone did a great job with the decorations. It was tough but we need to pick the winners that we go on to the next round...

And here are the winners for the second trial:


  • Miss Monni, Sadida (Moonif#7285)
  • Miss call me pengyuyan, Pandawa (pengyuyan#3526)
  • Mister Call Me Wonderwomen, Sacrier (ben-huhu#3329)
  • Mister Xana Koby, Eliotrope (xanakoby#6545)


  • Miss Misao, Sram (Alocispep#5100)
  • Miss Oréade, Sadida (Hazel0#8659)
  • Mister Nayang, Sacrier (ShikiNoMaga#9149)
  • Mister Infoculus, Xelor (tempus#5351)


  • Miss Brakshire Dairy, Xelor (Trevni#3663)
  • Miss Yosra, Rogue (caramella2#9070)
  • Mister Rozwell Blitz, Sacrier (Equiuskazee#7112)
  • Mister Fifayfufam, Cra (fifayfufam#4024)


  • Miss Kisandra Yushein, Iop (Xander520#1629)
  • Miss Atsila, Sadida (NoodleDoodle#2646)
  • Mister Murti, Xelor (2358310603#9919)
  • Mister Mimejester, Eniripsa (MimeJester#8915)

Congratulations! You will each win a Splendid Cushion (name not yet finalized), an original haven-bag decoration especially made for the occasion.

You are also formally invited to the third trial, which will determine the Miss & Mister of the Nations, and those who will compete for the supreme title of Miss & Mister World of Twelve!
See message in context
Reactions 49
Score : 2804
Theme: Serenity (peace of mind in preparation for the next adventure waiting ahead...)
Korvyc, Amaknian, Male Sacrier
3 -14
Score : -11
Theme: Secret Garden of the Schnek Queen
Ninishi, Amaknian, female Pandawa
6 -17
Score : -11

Cuz the initial link seems broken again my HB

2 -4
Score : 442

Theme: Lovly Garden with a break spot 
Anjii, Bontarian, Female Sramsy  
10 -17
Score : 359
Theme: Pirate Hideout

Lekismon | Sufokian | female | Rogue
5 -16
Score : 6

Theme: Dairy Farm (Brakshire Dairy brings you the finest artisan cheese in Krosmoz, if we can sublime and +10 enchant a Camonkbert Cheese, we would.)
Brakshire Dairy, Brakmarian, female Xelor
12 -17
Score : -15

Theme: Handy ('cause I like having everything hand!)
Ryslar, Amaknian, male Feca
4 -17
Score : 12272

Theme: Clusters (I use my bag to meet guests who are looking for crafting, however, I don’t line up the machines and use various thematic clusters for example, there is a kitchen, there is a a zone for Halloween, a bedroom, etc. and in some of these clusters have craft machines installed)
Infoculus, Bontarian, male Xelor 
Screen png (high quality if you open the image in a new tab): 

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)


Theme: Clusters (I use my bag to meet guests who are looking for crafting, however, I don’t line up the machines and use various thematic clusters for example, there is a kitchen, there is a a zone for Halloween, a bedroom, etc. and in some of these clusters have craft machines installed)
Infoculus, Bontarian, male Xelor 
42 -32
Score : -107

Theme: Brâk-Eden Hell  Heaven
Yosra, Brâkmarian, Female Rogue

Additional description
This is Brâkmar secret Garden, we dominate all the world of Twelve, there is no enemy: human being or Ultimate boss who can survive against us
We collect their trophy & we imprison their Souls on the Cristal Cup watched by the krozmaunotes
We burn them, from their ashes born this Garden watered by their blood to make only Brakmarian shiny red growing & blowing

17 -40
Score : -1
Theme: Craf'ae (A Craft-Cafe where you can start your mornin' work with enewgizing dwinks!)
Mimejester, Sufokian, male Eniripsa
5 -20
Score : 95
Theme: Bling-Bling & The T(r)ool
Haloriginee, Bontarian, Mâle Rogue
I might look like a Hairy Beast from the outside, but from the inside i learned  some differents tools to empty the world of twelve's pockets.
"She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within."
3 -26
Score : 48

Polyra, Sufokia, Female Osamodas: "OH, yer' early--- Hey, I know what yer' thinkin.. but I swear it ain't-- these are erm... for plannin ventures! Not like I'd enjoy collectin em or anything-, hah.." 
Theme: Plushie Despiser (1000%)
2 -20
Score : 48

Bonus: A sketch of these events 

5 -11
Score : 101
Theme:       Pand'alice in Wonderland
Call me pengyuyan,Amaknian, female Pandawa
20 -18
Score : -13

Theme: Meow! Quack! Baa! ...What is the panda's bark?
Negoto,Amaknian,Female Pandawa
2 -15
Score : 2384
Theme: No hope + ǝdoɥ oN (just wasted 3rd Portal Ring to get 3 slots)
Shyvanilla, Bontarian, female Eliotrope
7 -12
Score : 870

 Misao, Bontarian, Female Sram
Theme: Secluded forest shrine

Sometimes a Sram just needs some time alone with her shadow.



13 -18
Score : 379
Theme: Wax Museum (once a dressing room)
Yj Chizo, Bontarian, male Rogue
16 -21
Score : -35
Theme: A Hunter's Haven (A forest home with plenty of space to run, jump, and tackle prey to one's heart's content.)
Ragamuff, Bonta, Female Ouginak
4 -14
Score : 449

Theme: The Dofus Shrine *The little way to Pray to the Dofus Gods*
Nanoria, Bonta, Female Sadida
5 -10
Score : 876
Theme: Bilbizan PartyA party for only the best and brightest, with guests such as Grozepin, Ashdragon, and Nogord, you can't help but have a great time in the sunshower.

Kisandra Yushein, Sufokian, female Iop
15 -23