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Event: Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2022 First Trial Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - April 25, 2022, 17:00:00
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The Miss & Mister World of Twelve contest has begun, post your entries here! 

To prove your qualifications for this amazing adventure and make sure you're not super-ugly overwhelmed by the bright lights and attention, your first challenge is to create a postcard with an image of you at your favorite spot in your nation. Take a selfie of your character in an outfit that corresponds to your nation's theme or colors, then share your secret special spot with the rest of us to make us as excited as you are to explore it. (Please remain fully clothed at all times.) Send us a photo that makes both you and your home region look great!

  • Your screenshot must be accompanied by a brief text to put your entry in context.
  • This text must include your character's name, nation, class and sex; note that this character will be your only participant for the rest of the competition.
  • The text must also mention something about your nation.
    • It may not exceed fifty (50) words.
  • Your character can be dressed in mimisymbics or carry their equipment, as long as the outfit respects the theme or colors of the character's nation.
    • Costumes are not permitted.
  • Only the nations of Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia may be represented.
  • Only one entry per player is allowed.
  • The account submitting the entry must be the owner of the character in the photo.
  • Changing your participating character's sex/class/server during the contest period is strictly prohibited.
  • The screenshot must not include modifications of any kind (filters, added elements, etc.). Only trimming, reframing or zooming in on your screenshot is permitted.
    • You may add a "postcard"-style frame around the screenshot, and only the frame may be modified.
  • Your hosts reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their sole discretion.
  • Modifying your entry is prohibited once it has been published.
Koko, Astrubian, male Pandawa: "Astrub's gutters are a free and convenient way to wash up after a night on the town!"

 You have until Sunday, May 1 to share your postcard.

Those who are selected will be rewarded with:
  • A place in the next trial.

To learn more regarding this round, click here.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to blackfearBBN

Hi blackfearBBN#7074,

Can you upload again your entry please?

See message in context
Reactions 59
Score : 1895
Wirled , Amaknian, female Iop : "Oi mate , you sure know how to kick'em balls , don't cha? ,I've never seen such a skilled peasant before! " 
18 -3
Score : 12272

 Infoculus, Bontarian, male Xelor : "The high bridge of Bonta connects not only the capital and the forest, but also the hearts of noble heroes who looking for adventure! "

Without frame :

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)


 Infoculus, Bontarian, male Xelor : "The high bridge of Bonta connects not only the capital and the forest, but also the hearts of noble heroes who looking for adventure! "
50 -30
Score : -107

Yosra, Brakmar, female, Rogue: "Brâkmar does not need a speech to present it, the nation speaks for itself and makes everyone's minds scared 
They dare to tell us sometimes that we are going to be burned, they forget that: We are the fire
fireHail Brakfire"
34 -70
Score : 95

Haloriginee, Bonta, Male Rogue : " Bonta is the nation of choice, so i choose to become a Strich. We begin by being strich and end by being rogue ! "
10 0
Score : 48
Polyra, Sufokia, Osamodas Female; "Really, I consider Sufokia to be quite a dandy place to reside yer'self in! You've got yer' sights always on the sea, nice tropical weathers', and the wildlife here is--! Oh, not again..."

If the frame is too detailed to the point where it goes against the rules, i can gladly send the same screenshot without it!
11 0
Score : 2804

Korvyc, Amaknian, Male Sacrier ''Our hearts are as golden as wheat. We are steadfast even on cold weather days. Amakna is home to the finest cuisine & warriors within the World of Twelve!''
10 0
Score : 272
0 0

Hi blackfearBBN#7074,

Can you upload again your entry please?

Score : 653
Fifayfufam, Brakmar, Cra, Male : "Fun is not to be planned. It is to be Brakmar!"
8 0
Score : 6

Brakshire Dairy, Brakmarian, female Xelor :  "Captial of Brakmar, there's never a shortage of filth to be cleaned here... Wait what? that's our main attraction?"
3 0
Score : 68

Annette West, Amaknian, Cra, Female: "Crikey! Amaknian fauna are quite the sight to behold. Bearing sharpened horns alongside the charging power of a whopping 20 kilonewtons per Iop, you too can come visit Amakna to take a chance at these tough customers."
10 -1
Score : 359

Lekismon, Sufokian, Rogue, Female: "As a rogue, you feel home in Sufokia. The relaxed life at sea, hiding from the law and making proper kamas on raids, now we are planning our next action..."
5 0
Score : 188

-Deleted: broken link-

Rozwell Blitz, Brakmarian, male Sacrier: "You can scream and shout but only one nation has a HEAVY METAL ROOOOAR!!! Rock on, Brakmar!"
7 0
Score : 67

True Vastolorde, Amaknian, Male Sacrier, " we are the Vanguard show them the strength of Amakna "
2 0
Score : 56


Call Me Wonderwomen,amakna.male Sacrier,"Anyone who tries to commit a crime in amakna will be sent where he should go by Goku riding a somersault cloud"
4 0
Score : 551

Asolire Lumieu, Bontarian, female Osamodas:
"Order & Justice, that's what we stand for. Bonta has been my homeland since the beggining and i've grown with its ideals. We're home of some of the most beautiful flora and fauna, and i will be its sworn protector for as long as i live"
7 -1
Score : 13

Fifth Wheel,Brakmar,male Xelor:"cos Iron Man, the plain that guards the entrance to the mine."
2 -1
Score : -15
Ryslar, Amakna, male Feca: "There is nothing better than the sweet smell of freshly baked bread and a cold beer to feel good in Amakna."
8 -9
Score : -351

Nice mimis you got there bruh, wabbit gang

2 -45
Score : -351

Maestwo Tokki, male wabbit Feca, Wabbit Island Brakmar

"HOLD UP!! Awe you saying Wabbit Island isn't a Nation? Fow weal? It even has a fweaking CASTLE!! My goddess... guess Bwakmaw will do fow now."
28 -62
Score : 14
  • Only the nations of Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia may be represented.
u did screen it Wabbit Island 
8 -6
Score : 2384

Shyvanilla, Bonta, female eliotrope
“No hope. Did you think hope was near you? -From the nearest enchantment workshop from the zaap.”
11 0
Score : 1895

I love the dedication you have of taking that flower aura wherever you go , it's like your own signature!

2 0