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10 Years of WAKFU: Twitch Drops

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 04, 2022, 15:00:00
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Angelsnow#6707|2022-03-04 22:11:05
I believe the 10 Years of Wakfu Costume is the winning costume from this competition last year:

Yea i believe you're right. That's what i thought too because the costume icon has the laurel on it.
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In that post Ankama said "We will provide our Ankama seamstresses (meaning our WAKFU artist team) with the pattern for this costume, and we will offer it to you, free of charge, during our celebration of the 10th anniversary in 2022!"
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Will there be another chance for this? I don't have a twitch account... not a fan of watching someone else play a game, I rather play myself.
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I dont use twitch either, had to dig up my old account I havent used in years. . . Unfortunately if you didnt get it, you most likely wont be getting any of it other than the 10th anniversary costume which is now provided to EVERYBODY regardless if they watched 2h stream or not.... I wasted 2 hours watching a stream just to get that costume. Had better things to do than have PC running for nothing.
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invalid csrf token
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I am very grateful for this opportunity to receive gifts from Twitch Drops , but they never came to me
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Hello everyone,

The issue regarding the Twitch drop rewards has been fixed.

You can claim your rewards using this link:

Thank you everyone for this wonderful weekend celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Wakfu.
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I can confirm that all Twitch gifts have been credited properly on the Wakfu gifts page and received correctly in-game
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Thanks to the Аnkama team for the cool gifts!  All of them were successfully obtained in the game.
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Twitch is a good way for a game studio to capture the attention of the audience. There are even cases when an unpopular game became popular thanks to Twitch (for example, Among Us). I also received all the gifts, thank you very much.
Happy birthday Wakfu, 10 years is a special date! 
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Very nice costume. Thanks a bunch! smile
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The best rewards were available for just a few days. That's sad
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Greetings there,

I log-in into WAKFU everyday through Steam. Though I have missed this event... The News and Ads on the Lancher to this event were simply... hidden... hard to see, hard to notice anything.

I am really really sad that I have missed to acquire the 10-years costume, which we were voting on these costumes before in November 2021, as well as totally sad to have missed to get all the other stuff and so to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

I am really really sad... I have never missed a WAKFU birthday party for a .. decade.. I log-in everyday.. I have participated on every single survey...

Please make all these items available for free again.

This "Three Gifts to Celebrate 10 Years" event was randomly spotted by me, too. Just 2 days ago... If I hadn't randomly searched Google for a special WAKFU costume which then led me to the "Current Sales" page, I would had also never seen but missed this 3 Gifts event, too.

I spent 10 million Kamas on random Costumes as well as some thousands Ogrines just 2 days ago.. By doing all this I havent even seen anything, not a slightest breeze about the 10-years anniversary and Twitch drops...

Such events should blink on the launcher so everybody would notice or simply let a window pop-up in-game... I feel pretty much betrayed/deceived, as simple as that.

A mega event happened a week ago already, and nothing was pretty much "announced".. but "silently" going on in background.. and I have just seen all these missed events by random just a few mins ago.
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Hello N3tRunn3r,

As mentioned in the news, the 10 years costume will be given to all players, at no cost, at a later date.

Have a good weekend !
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[Siu]|2022-03-12 14:38:23
Hello N3tRunn3r,

As mentioned in the news, the 10 years costume will be given to all players, at no cost, at a later date.

Have a good weekend !

Common courtesy and decency as well as sign of respect would've been to distribute the costume to all the participants of the Anniversary Contest along with this click baiting incentive to watch Twitch streams.
After all, You've gotten free ideas based on work of other people so a small gesture like this would've gone a long way to compensate and thank them for the time, will and effort spent on their creations you took all copyrights for.
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All players - including those who took part in the Costume Design Contest in October 2021- get the costume eventually, just those that took part in the Twitch Drop event get it sooner than those that didnt.  If a player wanted the Anniversary Costume sooner then they could have taken part in the Twitch Drop event.

The costume contest was purely a voluntary contest,  those participating in it were agreeing to "hand over" their designs for Ankama to use in any way they wish by participating as mentioned in the "rules" clearly stated on the post at the beginning of the contest;  
  • You'll be asked to imagine and create the WAKFU 10-year anniversary costume that will be given away in late February or early March 2022.
  • You have until Friday, November 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM (Paris time) to share your creation with us.
  • We'll choose our favorite entries from across all of our communities, and players will vote for their three favorite costumes of those we've selected.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to transfer your copyright for the costume design to us.

Also the winners of the costume contest
were "compensated" for their winning designs in December 2021 with the following:

1st Place
  • Your costume, come to life in-game!
  • a 90-day Booster
  • Chancellor's Costume
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Wakfu Wing Run
  • Stasis Wing Run
  • Knit emote
  • Pop-Pop Dance emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
2nd place
  •  a 60-day Booster
  • Chancellor's Costume
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Wakfu Wing Run
  • Knit emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
3rd place
  •  a 30-day Booster
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Knit emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
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Angelsnow#6707|2022-03-12 14:03:10
Ankama widely advertise events through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and here on the Forums......

In the Ankama Launcher even at its smallest (default) size and without scrolling down, you can see the top of the News WAKFU threads that are posted  - Currently showing topics that are posted here in the Forums as well as social media.

If you use the Ankama Launcher instead of Steam, along with the Forums there really is no way of missing an event.  (The Ankama Launcher works the same way Steam does - it holds the login platform to all Ankama games and is easy to add multiple accounts to.) 
Solely relying on getting these announcements on Steam will forever lead you to miss things as news etc on there is sorely lacking.
(Dont get me wrong - I love Steam and use it regularly for other games - but Dofus and Wakfu - No, that is all through the Ankama Launcher, in my opinion it is safer, quicker and with them all grouped together it just makes more sense)
I personally have folders (for both Wakfu and Dofus each) in my bookmark bar with direct links to both the French and English forums and each respective Twitter, Facebook and the Ankama Twitch  purely for quick access and so I dont miss things.

Sorry, but that is a lame excuse from you.

I really don't want to visit Facebook & Co. as well as any Forums "everyday". This is too much stuff to do and to check per day. Especially when I own about ~3500 games alone on Steam in where 55 are currently favourited and even more have been "subscribed to news"...

I have ever boycotted Facebook and Twitter etc and really never visit them nor do I own an account there, gladly. It is also outrageously being forced to create an account or to login there to continue to read stuff at these ludicrous money making and money washing services, which also sell your personal data...

To launch WAKFU via Steam and so to login "everyday" for years/nearly a decade is pretty much "routine" for me. And my Steam Account reaches its 17th birthday soon.

There was nothing "obvious" about any events as usually. A simple window pop-up in-game to announce events, especially a "First Decade Event" would simply do it.

This is how the Ankamas Steam Launcher currently looks like at "this moment", and it (still) misses a lot of features compared to the stand-alone Launcher. It looks pretty different from your screenshot:

(..well, now we know where to focus our eyes, don't we now?.. which we will forget soon again..)
And no!! Multiple Accounts cannot be linked to Ankamas Steam Launcher anymore.. In past, we were able to log-out from their Steam Launcher and to log-in with stand-alone accounts.. Or to plainly execute the Ankama Launcher [steam].exe in its directory, so to log-in with the non-Steam account.

To have both launchers installed, Ankama's Steam and Ankama's non-Steam Launchers have provided issues for quite some time. I wasn't able to login to my non-Steam account with the stand-alone launcher for many months, but with the Steam Launcher only. Was afraid to lose all my stuff on my non-Steam account, especially during the server merge.

Just because you do check all stuff everyday, and obviously not Steam, doesn't mean that everyone else does the same as you do..

But this all really doesn't matter !! ..

A simple announcement on Steam would had also helped A LOT, instead to being forced to join and to visit Failbook & Co, which I gladly never think about them. I have subscribed to all of my favourite games, especially on Steam. An announcement there would had helped A LOT, as mentioned already:

Steam includes everything combined. Subsciptions to news, for example... which then pop-up straight on Steam. There is really NO NEED (being forced) to own "multiple" useless accounts at Google, Failbook & Co. as well as on other unneeded services!!

I don't even have a Google Account for my Android 12 Smartphone (Xperia 5 II), but plainly and happily use my 25+ years old MSN Account instead.

There is a higher chance that I login to Discord than to even think about these unneccessary and mentioned services.

It is a shame and a pity that Devs/Mods have missed to announce events on Steam... especially their First Decade for WAKFU, my favorite game besides C&C Classics.

Just because WAKFU and C&C Classics are my favourite games really doesn't mean that I (fanatically) check every bit and bytes of them everyday..
It is simply too much, alone for these both games.

A neat and huge banner about the 10-years anniversary on the Ankama Launcher would had done it, too, instead the Shushu Banner... as simple as that!! It needs less than 10 minutes to create a banner and to implement/update it on the Launcher... Even less to add a "10 y" icon onto the Shushu Banner.

Angelsnow#6707|2022-03-12 14:03:10
Ankama widely advertise events through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and here on the Forums......

And I don't wanna read a response from a Mod or Dev that Steam isn't their main concern... a lame and old excuse, really. They update their forums, facebook & co but not Steam? Please...

So excuse me, but it surely wasn't my fault.
All provided items should be available for free again, not just the costume.

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First let me say I truly am sorry if you feel my previous reply was a "lame excuse"  I was sharing the multiple ways a player can get information on events etc from Ankama. 

But now I'm confused, because even without the use of social media, the Steam Launcher's "NEWS WAKFU"  section clearly also shows the events for the Wakfu 10 Year Anniversary and the news "tiles" all correspond in the same order as the ones on the Ankama direct Launcher. 

Could this not be used in conjunction with this Forum to keep notified of announcements?  Even with just these 2 its still possible to keep up with Ankama/Wakfu for news/events/giveaways/bonuses/updates.

The Steam Wakfu news hub section - which appears to be mainly used for the major updates (1.74, 1.73, 1.72 etc), does lack any other form of content but is that intentional or because of limitations set by Steam themselves?

And to be quite frank - because those announcements are clearly present on the Steam Launcher as well, Ankama are not at fault for a person not being informed of an event or news etc, because Ankama have already published these announcements in multiple online medias, including their dedicated and Steam based Launchers, at the same time.
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