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Costume Design Contest Winners

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 03, 2021, 16:00:00
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Discover those who will pave the fashion of tomorrow! It's time to announce the three costumes that amazed the World of Twelve!

First, let's take a look at what happened during this contest, for which many of you wanted to pay tribute to your favorite game.

  • On October 22nd, we asked the dressmakers and costume designers of the World of Twelve to conceptualize and present us their version of the costume that will be offered to the whole community. For the tenth anniversary of WAKFU, we wanted to make you happy.
  • On November 15, we presented you with a selection of twenty (20) costumes that caught our attention and we asked you to choose your three (3) favorite proposals. On November 22 at 11:00 AM (Paris time), three (3) costumes emerged at the top of the ranking and defined our most popular designs.

Here is what they were competing for:

1st Place
  • Your costume, come to life in-game!
  • a 90-day Booster
  • Chancellor's Costume
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Wakfu Wing Run
  • Stasis Wing Run
  • Knit emote
  • Pop-Pop Dance emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
2nd place
  •  a 60-day Booster
  • Chancellor's Costume
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Wakfu Wing Run
  • Knit emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
3rd place
  •  a 30-day Booster
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Knit emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
Without further ado, here are the winners!

3rd place - whitedove#9741

2nd place - dragopavamonica#9308

1st place - dracaplha#2705

Congratulations to our big three! You prove that style does exist in the World of Twelve (strangely enough)!

We would like to clarify one point...

There was an attempt to manipulate the results by some not very clever people.
We want to reassure you: the ranking we have drawn and that we are announcing today is legitimate and "clean". It was relatively easy (although tedious) for us to trace the votes and invalidate those that were fraudulent. We know exactly the day and time that the cheating attempt began, and more.


What's next?

We will provide our Ankama seamstresses (meaning our WAKFU artist team) with the pattern for this costume, and we will offer it to you, free of charge, during our celebration of the 10th anniversary in 2022!

We remind you that the costume will serve as a basis of work and inspiration for the team to integrate it into the game. Therefore, it is possible that the original illustration will be modified or readapted to respect the graphic consistency of the game while preserving the basic idea.

Regarding the rewards, they will be credited to you in the coming weeks, when we finish wrapping them. 
Be proud and happy, adventurers with dubious fashion sense, you will be dressed up!
(Don't hesitate to thank those who tried to remake your wardrobe...)

And since we like to tease you...

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Score : 891

the 2° place was waaaay better than this acquaman olympian thing

4 -3
Score : 4592

I prefered the 3rd placed one but this one isn't bad either, just wish it had more colour

1 -1
Score : 10892

I like the winner's costume. 
and you are great Ankama what was tracked the manipulation of voices! 
congratulations to the winners!
thanks for your creativity, guys 

1 -3
Score : 1076

geez I always miss these contests somehow
I love a lot of these designs they are great

0 0
Score : 12265

Nice picks!

Even though my fav was the 2nd, I actually like the winner, for some reason it gives me some final boss vibessss.

As someone who loves fashion, would it be possible to keep the Halo in the back?

Maybe it doesn't necessarily need to be in the back, maybe it can be a small halo behind the head or one on each wrist like the Father Spirit (elio) or Feca costumes? I think it complements the costume as a whole.

Just a little suggestion, I can't wait to see the final version huh

0 0
Score : 3614

#1 is pretty amazing. Well played.

Just to clarify, will everyone be able to obtain this costume? Thanks.

0 0
Score : 9168

From french post
The costume will be distributed for free on the anniversary of the game!

1 0
Score : 149

That's great, well done.

0 -1
Score : 149

I have a question... if a female character wants to dress with a male costume? Is it possible?

0 0
Score : 477

If your character is female, they will automatically use the female version of whatever costume you put on them. There is no way to alter that, unless you decide to change you character's gender using an appearance potion.

0 0
Score : 19

Congrats to the winners!!
Really looking forward for the #1 place costume to be added into the game! smile

0 -1
Score : 676

Thanks to everyone who voted for me~! The first two places are really amazing! *o* I hoped for Chancellor's Costume, but oh well maybe next time ^^

2 0
Score : 1

Your costume was by far my favourite , you did a really good job :d

0 0
Score : 710

The costume is great, and I like it and will use it. Thank you for that.

But, could you add the others as well so we can purchase with ogrines? Or at least give us a costume that is wakfu themed. The winning costume is great like I said, but it doesnt have any wakfu theme. It looks like something from Mount Olympus.


0 -1
Score : 3614

I disagree. It is very much in Wakfu's theme, as well as Dofus, to use Greco-Roman style. It is a French game, after all.

It would be pretty cool to use some of the other costume ideas for future costume releases, though. I don't say that just because my costume design was shortlisted by Ankama and was a voting option. I say that because a lot of the designs were really great and clearly there is a demand for the costumes. It would be a great source of revenue for the marketing team as I can see most of these costume designs selling pretty well on the shop.

1 -2
Score : 708

congratulation for the winners ! and thanks ankama for this kind of contest , i can add that the voting style was open not even had warnings about multiple voting , on that style of voting is very common people abuse the votes , would be more democratic  to make vote polls linked to the account so less people abuse voting .

A friend from remmington ex-server told me that french community abused in the past with votes for this kind of contests so is very important for the fair game to change the voting system for the next event ... or a transparency  voting charts  so theres no way to cheat. 

also now that we are splitted in two servers and that is not possible play on french servers , would be awesome this events bring more winners and make separate contests.

cheers to the winners and thank all the people that voted my costume design .

2 0
Score : 3614

Ankama should keep doing these kind of contests in the future. It is a brilliant way to engage with the community.

1 0
Score : 1346

0 0
Score : 3001

To be completely honest, the winning costume design is truly amazing, but extremely pretentious. I would be happy to see him as a reward for a boss smasher or for defeating Nogord / Shadowfang / Rushu at 50 stasis, but not as a casual costume for every player.

But I congratulate the winner and in fact all the designs were excellent.

0 -3
Score : 710

I just checked on my server and none of those raids have been completed at 50. That would be the worst way to celebrate is to give a costume that only the top rich elites could get.

Too many times have games given subpar costumes for free while saving the nice skins for cash shop. Ankama should be praised if the free costume looks as good as the preview.

0 -3
Score : 505

i cant believe, yall didnt pick the 2nd and 3rd one, they are way better, there so many costumes that already look like the one that got first place. i am extremely disappointed the second probably didn't win because ankama is to lazy to give its player base long hair, i quit once before because of this. and after seeing that all the best costumes lost to that! there are 100 costumes in game that look just like that that first one. im tired of ankama picking the lazy option all i can say is i am so disappointed you dont care at all about the player base who actually want good costumes.

2 -2
Score : 505

To clarify, I am not hating on the artist, But sorry i can not believe that costume got picked over all the others, theres just no way to convince me.

2 -2
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