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Vote for your Favorite Costume!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 15, 2021, 17:00:00
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To celebrate WAKFU's 10-year anniversary, we asked you to design and present YOUR own costume with the possibility it would be available in-game for the whole community. Today, the fate of all threadbare players is in your hands… or rather your votes!

Since October 22, many of the talented costume designers and tailors among you sent us your creations so we could refresh the wardrobes of the countless fashion victims out there who want some street cred back.

Our jury selected the future trends of the " 10 years of WAKFU" collection based on very strict criteria: costume feasibility, consistency with the art direction and universe, originality, overall quality of the clothing, little bag of kamas sewn into the seams…

But now, because you'll be wearing one of these creations, after all, the future of fashion in the World of Twelve belongs to you!

First of all, let's take a seat by the catwalk and look at the shortlisted costumes. After that, we'll explain how to vote for your favorites. 

#1 - 0megaPox#6647
#2 - AleixoShield #1616
#3 - CN-ashbel#7524
#4 - DelSinKfp#7258
#5 - dracaplha#2705
#6 - dragopavamonica#9308
#7 - Ertual#9729
#8 - II-leneigre-II#7897
#9 - leothi1#8010
#10 - LukeWW#2610 
#11 - mafelein#7803
#12 - Regine111#3279
#13 - Shenbatu#2826
#14 - Subtilizer#7522
#15 - TheBozhedomie#6896
#16 - Vladilena#8652
#17 - wandererAGw#2950
#18 - Whitedove#9741
#19 - XharpuiaX#2870
#20 - yingjing#8012

As you can see, the quality is very high this year, so congratulations everyone!

So let's move on to the voting:

  • Look carefully at all the creations listed above. Take your time
  • After choosing your favorites, go here and follow the instructions on the form
  • Once you've cast your vote, mention it to your friends and make them realize that they have very bad clothing sense

You have until Monday, November 22 - 11 a.m. (Paris time).


Important: The winning entry will primarily serve as a foundation and inspiration for the team that will integrate it into the game. Therefore, it is possible that the original illustration will be modified or adapted to be consistent with the game's graphics while retaining the basic idea.

Even if you have no skill, at least have some style!
First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

The poll has closed! We'll get back to you soon once we've tallied your votes. Thanks for participating!


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Score : 559

They look fantastic, hard to choose...

1 -1
Score : 1

From the 20 costumes selected only 3 of them are related to the anniversary (this is a requirement for this contest)
There is people who worked including this topic into their costume whose work is not even available to vote for...

4 -4
Score : 158

I sadly have to agree on  this, being absolutely fair. Ankama did not include every competitor's design without explaining the reasoning behind it.

I personally think it polite to let us know why a few were chosen, even though among the chosen a few only really were related to the anniversary, while strangely Ankama leaving out a few that did answer to all the requirements.

If Ankama already decides to leave out a few, they already decided which ones to leave out of the competition, completely missing the point of this being a contest where the playerbase decides without Ankama's intervenience.

Besides that I'm happy to see 15 made it up there, and a few others that are definitely great. It was hard to make it to 3 smile

2 -1
Score : 4413

Man, I would pay real kamas to buy like half of these costumes, shame we only get of them

4 -1
Score : 49


4 0
Score : 3515

love 15 too!

2 0
Score : 1210

There are really nice ones, but we had to choose 3. So I had come to a conclusion, 3 costumes I really would like to see in WAKFU and even fits to its wonderful 10th year anniversary!! YAY..

#5 - dracaplha#2705:

#13 - Shenbatu#2826:

#15 - TheBozhedomie#6896:

While it was close to vote for #9 - leothi1#8010 and #17 - wandererAGw#2950 as well, my favourite costume is made by: #13 - Shenbatu#2826!!

Congratulations to the upcoming winners.

1 -1
Score : 19

#6 for me

2 0
Score : 1

Can we have anything that is mildly medieval/renaicensse/Italian Common/High fashion looking?
Or at least anything that is not horny, please?

1 -1
Score : 711

can you just release like half of these and we'll buy them all

4 0
Score : 142

I love 13, 5 is nice too

0 0
Score : 1

Wow... All of them are so amazing. I absolutely adore the 16th one

0 0
Score : 11921

They look so goooood. I can't wait to see which one is the winner wub

Just as a sidenote, even if it was impossible for the Team to implement them, I'd love to see some of their accesories at the Store like the Glowing Halo in the back (#5), the horns and tail (#6), the laurel crown (#5), the berets (#20) and so on. I feel like we need more accesories to complement our characters u_u I've always wanted to give my Eni a dark demon tail

Good work everyone !

1 0
Score : 180

6 - 7- 2 - 8
the only one with some "wakfu 10 years vibe"

about the others
1 (well good but too futuristic for wakfu)
3 (semplicity is a good choice problem is too generic)
4 (very cute but is more like a maid cafè thing)
5 (whats even his deal with wakfu?)
9 (it seems something u will get if you finish incarnam)
10 (is cool but is more from a dofus theme)
11 (it's only fit on magic race)
12 (love it! but it seems some british tea time not wakfu party)
13 (i don't know the roman style is just for the ecaflip)
14 (maid cafè too but just for eniripsas)
15 (is just an huppermage costume)
16 (what about the class with some head stuff like rogue ,sacrier and elios?)
17 (i like it especially the male one but overall it's just a circus theme)
18 (love to see in the shop but not for the anniversary)
19 (Wakfunite goes brrr)
20 (Wakshin impact goes brrr)

2 -4
Score : 34

I would love to see 4, 6, or 12 as the winner, but many of these are also great works. I hope the non-implemented costumes are saved for future releases or ideas. Good luck!!

0 0
Score : 596

12 lets gooo

0 0
Score : 650

If Ankama was smart they'd have one as anniversary one and then release all of them thought out the year. They are sitting on a Kama mine here, these are the costumes fan wants because they were made by the fans! Be smart Anakma, do all of them!

1 0
Score : 50

I liked costumes 11, 13, 15

0 0

Hello everyone,

The poll has closed! We'll get back to you soon once we've tallied your votes. Thanks for participating!