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WAKFU 10th Anniversary Costume Design Contest

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - October 22, 2021, 17:00:00

Hello everyone,

Post your entry here! If you are unsure how to post an image, you can check this guide.

First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your beautiful entries! Kindly vote for your favorite here~!


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The hair color should adapt to character's hair color~
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Score : 289

floating layers
shiny sparkles on the dofuses.
colors can match also the black  that sometimes show up in the ankama logo

hope you like it .thank you
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Score : 172

 The gems on the arms and back would faintly glow a bit.
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Score : 49

Hope you like mahō shōjo  theme!

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Score : 364
I positively adore the noble-type characters from the series so here's a costume inspired by their face paint and hairstyles. The clothes are made more practical to better accommodate an adventurer lifestyle. Works best on a Brakmarian character but the color pallete can adjust to just about everyone for a regal and ellegant look. 
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Score : 148
-  I got inspired by the Disney Princesses to design this costume. But first I had to ask myself - what were they famous for? Oh, I know, ANIMALS!
In almost every movie the princess had an animal sidekick. Those sidekicks gave them  guidance, moral support and help when they got in trouble. 
And so, I thought that this would be really cool to have a costume with some sort of a companion animal which would be present with us in our fights and adventures. Because pets aren't present when we are fighting or sitting in a mount, that's where i got the tofu idea from. There is also an anniversary hat on the tofu's head with the black "W" on clothing   (adapts to the character's (which?) color) to reflect Wakfu's 10 year anniversary.                                                                                             -  Here is an animation idea, a sleeping animation can also work ^^   :             
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Score : 1
Thought I'd do something quick for this! I loved the 5th anniversary costume so wanted to do something with the same vibe, so a wakfu and stasis theme this time! Good luck to everyone, i've already seen some amazing entries!
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Score : 766

There You go, do as you may.
Thanks as well for the opportunity, Cheers

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Score : 4

love it! the best costume so far <3

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We spent a lot of time on Wakfu, longer than in any school. We are addicted to this world. We meet our best friends here and learn from each other.
Here is my costume design for Wakfu 10th Anniversary, if it must have a name or theme, it may be Wagicafu —— Wakfu + Magic hahahahahaha.

Hope you will like it, thanks!
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Score : 284

To avoid problems with imgur's access, this is another link to the picture 
6.jpg (1783×1566) (

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Score : 513

10 years wakfu party !luv this game
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Score : 1595
10 candles costume

"with this costume even grambos  will fear your light"
10 of wakfu 10  of stasis
+moving fire(wakfu/stasis)like nation costume
i imagine this costume with the candles moving slightly
+customizable helmet and shoes could work so nice

36 -11
Score : 222

10 year Wakfu Island Raider

Bigger, better view go to:

This beta beater has scavenged some useful class items over the last 10 years across all the islands and dimensions. Any interesting effects you say? Sure how about glowing dofus runes, blinking shushu eye, spinning kama buckle, pulsing grenade light, shotgun cocking effect arrow launcher. Wait is that a floating/vibrating Eliacube drone? OP drop bro! Leave comments and please like! 

What other class features helped him to survive 10 years? .....I spy with my little eye:
1. Foggernaught goggles
2. Eniripsa wings ....(that was a big eniripsa he defeated! what guild I wonder)
3. Enutrof Kama coin belt buckle
4. Feca knee pad shields
5. Xelor clockhand arm spear
6. Cra custom arrow launcher
7. Iop shushu ball gag ....(better to speak with loud actions) 
8. Sacrier heart tattoo
9. Rogue patch (team of 1)
10. Ecaflip die thermal detonators 
11. Sram wingtip stabby blades
12. Sadida gold vine wires
13. Osamodas necklace
14. Masqueraider epaulettes 
15. Eliatrope portal projector
I know the other classes are jealous but I was hard pressed enough to include so many features into one design. Hope it can make it in the game where it belongs. Wakfu Forever! Cheers biggrin

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Score : 791

I tried to make something I could imagine being worn at a Wakfu 10th-anniversary party.  I incorporated colours and shapes from the Wakfu logo and had a lot of fun. 

The outfits are adorned with Ogrines, which would shine/glow.  The cape would gently sway and light particles would drift down it.  The costume would adapt to the character's hair color/ears.
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Score : 290

The color and styling section draws on the 5 years costume and the Incarnam costume, with the stars on the head inspired by the meditation bonus in the bonus round.


wakfu2.png (1500×1010) (
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Score : 109

Hi all,
When I'm thinking about Wakfu's anniversary, the only thing that pops out in my head is cake. Not any cake but the jelly weird one from the 8th year anniversary. It's quirky, fun and I like the color so I decide to make it into an outfit. Also, it's a 10th year's anniversary and I want the design to have inspiration from French the country where that make and keep this game alive for a decade. So here is my costume design on the spirit “Let them eat cake” from Marie-Antoinette. laugh

P/s: I forgot to write some notes on my drawing so I will type it here: The bottom will be bouncing when characters move like those Jelly monsters. Also, I'm a terrible footwear design so Amkama feels free to change it to something else. 

Thank you and happy anniversary.
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Score : 2012

Actually I just want to sh-tpost pensive

Also alternative colors
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Score : 87

A design based on Japanese "furyo" aesthetics. I kind of want to see a coat flowing like a cape in this game. The character ”天” that located on the back of the coat can be pronounced as "Ten".

Thank you for letting me participate. 
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Score : 180

Well if i have to say it's wrong for the contest prospecting for the " wakfu 10 years" theme but this is stunning...
I hope Ankama will give consideration about it in the future, you are very talented it got potential.
and it's very rare from me to give compliments

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Score : 76

Good day to all!
I finally finished the costume design! I really hope everyone will like my vision of the anniversary costume for the game ..
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Score : 3515

That's beautiful, it's amazing evenbiggrin

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Score : 3406


I created this design as a tribute to the early days of Wakfu. I was inspired by content such as Mobile Arena and some of the unique costume and gear reward design from it. This is an homage to the evolution of Wakfu over the past 10 years. 

The design has Ws (for "Wakfu") embossed on the leather skirt, and the brooch and armored leggings have 10 golden studs representing the 10 years of Wakfu.

As part of the design, I believe the ideal animation for the costume involves a subtle sparkling effect like you see on the Gold Trophy haven bag decoration. 

I hope you like it. Thank you.
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