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20th Anniversary Contest: Photo Memory

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - September 10, 2021, 16:00:00

Hello everyone,

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First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your entries! It was a wonderful stroll through memory lane. You can find the contest winners here.


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It is not the place, but the memories which we made there, during that run,
which makes this screenshot very dear to me. The Blue Blrr returned to the game after a long hiatus, we had lots of fun helping him out on his quest through Mount zinit including the dungeons and this was captured just before we made omelette du fromage out of it.
Still cherish that moment in time.
-  The Ancient Egg - Dreggon dungeon boss room
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My most cherished memory in wakfu was the time we all got a free sitar emote and made a huge orchestra of banjos in front of alamanax

But if it has to be specifically a place, I think the old incarnam hidden inside the tree of life has to be the most memorable.
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Score : 9401

Calamar Island 

Before the battlefields system the nation's bonus was determined only through ecology and we could fight this NPC so that our nation could receive a special bonus. It was a lot of fun and we always did it with my friend Valbrit. 
This place brings to me very fond memories when we played together with him.
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Score : 43

Haven World Tree in Amakna

Because this is the spot i meet a lot of my friends while playing Wakfu
and we're still playing to this day and i'm still meeting new people from this spot.
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Score : 117

Chilling out, doing quests and fighting Jellies in Bilbiza, it's one of my favourite places in Wakfu, it's so beautiful!

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Score : 344
Well there was times when one made living by being outlaw.
This is from one of those "adventures". 
I would cut all the trees in bonta everyday. Made some enemies that became friends later and some friends became enemies after a while. It was fun while it lasted.
                                                                          -100.000 cp heh
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Score : 1

I started way back 2017 and used most of my time hanging out at almanax.
Here I've met few people of whom who does not play the game anymore but I am still able to talk to up to this day. I have met great people in this game.

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Score : 905

Ah yes, this place brings me back memories, the mines of Brakmar, it features rare ores, exotic monsters, and violence

Yes, I remember, like it was today... Picking up my pickaxe, going to get some ores.

The mines that time where a dark place, you could not see much, only the shiny ores at the distance, and of course, the eyes of your enemies, looking at you, plotting their next move. 

In the pitch dark of the mines, out of nowhere, I remember like it was today... Being ganked by three pink osamodas, or an very angry Iop, or an enutrof, that was filled with rage that I was mining HIS riches. It was a vile place, filled with hate and vengeance. And yet, it gives me many memories of joy. 

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Score : 13
Day 172 of being the only one online in guild. Haven World (even though you can't really do anything inside of it anymore) is my home, filled to the brim with memories of everyone working together to make it the spoopiest place in all of the twelve world. I will not fail to continue my role as the watchdog, if Hachiko can wait like a good boy, so does this Ouginak. In the end, even though people might go and not return, some memories are worth holding on to.
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Score : 16

 Hey! I have been playing Wakfu from 2013 to the present. This activity has become more than just a game for me. Wakfu changed my life for the better and made me happy and cheerful. In July 2015, I found two people, they were of a low level, and I was level 76 at that time. I decided to help them and went to pump them in a place called Sufokiya on "jellyfish". One of them left almost immediately, and with the other I am still in touch.

   We were friends at first, but soon our feelings became more than just friendship and grew into something more. It was love and we have been together for 6 years. We believe that this is forever. My young man no longer plays, but I created a character for myself with his nickname so that he was there not only in life, but also in the game. This fateful meeting is so dear to me. 

   Wakfu, thank you for being there!

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Score : 59

I have played wakfu since its beta in 2011, I have spent my life next to this game through thick and thin, it has brought me joys and sorrows during these 10 years, I keep these memories of the first ankama event I was able to attend and then acquire my krosmaster that I treasure with my soul. Unfortunately I lost my first account in the rollback that was made a few years ago but even so here I continue to play and fight like yugo always does, hoping to be the best every day.
(Sorry for my bad english)

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Score : 224
Ye Olde dead guild, Skyghosts became like the guild name - dead and floating in limbo.

The Haven World is all that's left in the Rubilax server, but the guild will live on in my memories and in this image.

Look at that widdle Dionatrap trapped in the fence it's so cute and pouting and won't look at me asdf I want one as a pet skin asdafafajhh
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Score : 653
One of my favorite place in Wakfu is the Trool Fair. In particular I remember the first time I saw the shows organized on the island... I laughed so much! 

In the Magic Show the magician Sadid Whoppershield and his assistant present some tricks! Instead, during the Circus Show you can see Osavata the tamer struggling with some boowolfs!
These shows are really nice!
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Score : 199
My favorite place in World of Twelve, Astrub City, near Pappy Pal's House, it used to be a meeting/chilling place for many players such as myself. Because back then the phoenix is located here. In this place I've met many different kinds of players; pvpers, roleplayers, pvm players, lore dudes, and newbies. I've learned a lot from the pvm and lore dudes, pvp'd with many good players, and helped some newbies. That's many years ago, now its just a havenbag graveyard. Tho I won't forget everything that happened here, and I'm hoping that I will meet those guys again.
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Score : 416

Riktus clan base

I miss Riktus base so much, it was such relaxing place to hang out, far away from buzz of big martketplaces and usual community points also, normies were not allowed there, which is nice, i guess. Kinda shame that during Nations rewamp RIktus clan was "let go", I feel like it had some potential. I hope one day we will have opportunity to visit this place again. Other locations which could compete with this place (at least for me) - are old Bonta 5th avenu and old(the first one) Incarnam, too bad I lost all screenshots, so they only live in my memories xd
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Score : 66

My favourite place among all is Bonta city.
I've been linked to this nation since Dofus and I have a lot of memories related. I was married with a bontarian lady and we bought a house there. Then we decided to migrate to Wakfu and we started our adventure under the Bonta flag again.
I remember the old island (before the rework) having the streets named by the players and its forests and landscapes allways have made me feel at home.
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Score : 4144
Date : 22nd, January, 2017 Time:  9 : 22 hours game time

The Almanax :This was the last time i met my closest friend The-Naturalist.

The Almanax has been my favorite of all spots since time immemorial. I often debated between 5th Bond Avenue of Bonta & The Almanax, but deep inside i knew, it was the Almanax. I met several people here who later on either became my friend or a foe.

In the last few years, i have seen The Almanax change, from a bustling place for dueling and chit-chatting  (Nox 2014) to a deserted home of the spammer who just kept coming back (Nox 2017), from the overcrowded Almanax post the server merger ( Rubilax 2020 ) to present day where "Whose name is not to be taken" always has his one alternate or main character positioned on the Almanax to hold the raised tile. (Rubilax 2021).

The Almanax will surely be in my memories when i am old enough to retire from my professional life.
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this picture from 3 years ago... now only me playing. I will standing strong here, keep the guild until they come back.

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Unfortunately I lost all my screenshots I had of the game when my computer messed up. Have not taken any new ones after. Not that I'd have anything special, I've had screenshots of every region I've explored (basically screenshot of every map I entered) and made it into a large background with each of the screenshots included. It was glorious and I miss it. Perhaps some day I'll re-create it again.

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