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Elemental Parade: Fire Writing Contest

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - September 02, 2020, 16:00:00

Hello everyone,

Post your entry here!

First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your solid entries. Kindly give us ample time to check your submissions. We will announce the winners here.


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The crew of heroes was vastly inexperienced, aside from their eniripsa guide. Among them was a young scarier, a snowy ouginak, an enutrof, a cra, and a surprisingly strong feca. They lined up in front of the heavy gates guarding the monsters lair. Dofuses and rules swirled around in their heads. They didn’t know if they were ready. Lightning struck a nearby ethernal, reminding them that time was short until Astrub would be completely submerged. Letting out a deep sigh, the eni pushed open the ancient iron gate. The scarier’s pure white eyes widened at the sight of their foe. Hunched over and sobbing was the think-skinned ogre they had all heard so much about; Ogrest.

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Ok, I chose a segment from my short story.

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Once wen i was young Ouginak i decided to beat poweful mob on bonta. That was really funny because i didnt know they take 50% of health in armor every time they loose it. It was too long, my siders were dead and i could only steal armor and use my own, i needed 4 turns to destroy its armor(500-700 left) and only then i could make some damage. i spend a half of an hour to beat it, i was happy, but then i was disappointed because i got only 100 000 xp, lvl difference was too high, but i got nice expirience and wan it!

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Long ago a mighty iop regecide, and a brave xelor named rhelk entered the magik ritkus den.
With no fear in their hearts they fought through the hordes of ritkus,
Only to discover....."a hat?"
The adventurers clocked each others expressions for a moment. 
Equally confused the xelor and iop take a step forward in sequence.

"May the gods protect us rhelk!"
Regecide roared over the sounds the of mechanical whirring of rhelks mask.
The flash of steel,

The sound of blood and sinew. 

"Tell ogrest who sent you."
Regecide exclaimed as he pulled his blade from the magic hat. 


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My favorite memory of Wakfu battles has to be Milkar the Moowolf. Each U.B. was given a quest line to enter.

In this fight, we would line up in a row as a team as at the time nobody could tank the boss. In front, a panda threw Milkar over a rock each turn and placed a barrel so Milkar would just derp his way around the map and get attacked by damage dealers. 

Not everyone could always reach Milkar and left most of us on puppy duty. Eventually, we got good enough that my friend and I would get bored. We had little risk of wiping and would start to see who could hit the other harder with spells and give our Eni something to do. 

The Milkar Conga Line always brings back fond memories of silliness with friends in even the most challenging of locations. 

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was wondering with nothing to do when I hear a pal of pal needs help, and so I rush over to Bonta and ran through the foliage and the trees to the mines in which I met him, and we ran this dungeon full of monstrous sandcastles and mosquitos, so we went to fight, and as if to laugh at his face I got zapped four rooms ahead right in the boss room not battling the blue mosquito but the smaller ones even earning a unique reward of little suit for my oldest friend dot and so I left and enjoyed a friendly chat with this practical stranger and tried that in more ways then one buggy dungeon

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The sweat-addled, normally collected Eliotrope looked towards her bloodied Feca partner. He nodded towards her while breathing steadily, a stark contrast to the alarming amount of blood dripping from his wounds. The abnormally high tension seemed to still along with the passing seconds. Ideas of what to do and how to keep both of them alive all bursted inside her head at once. For a split moment she was overwhelmed; her beloved partner was at death's door facing a weak Mussel, while she's directly facing the menacing Kralaboss, albeit it's exhausted itself. Doubt bubbled up at the back of her throat, but in a moment of clarity, she swallowed it down.

The Eliotrope's palm slammed against the ground, creating a glowing blue glyph. Then, she calmly casted flood, not on the portal-standing boss, but on her grinning teammate.

He's confident and he trusts her. She should do the same.

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leo is that you??

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>Where were you when rogue and masq was kil?
>I was home, eat hot chip when phon ring
>"rogue is kil, masq is kil"

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A Masqueraider, Huppermage, Eniripsa, Foggernaut, Sadida, and Sacrier are surrounded by Sugnuf's toxic slime. The Sacrier is down, covered in slime, with little hope of surviving if the Eniripsa revives her. But, if she can be saved, she can perhaps in turn save the Huppermage and Foggernaut, both of whom are also threatening to languish in the goo. A plan unfolds and there is little time to waste. The Eniripsa immediately revives the Sacrier, and luckily the nearby blackspore has moved just enough so that they can push her off the slime. The baton is in her hands now. She switches places with the Huppermage and emerges from the slime. The Huppermage wastes no time in teleporting away, into just the right place to switch with a blackspore, and then with the Foggernaut. He escapes the slime. Everyone is safe. For now.

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Many years ago, my guild had a fun trip to Trool Fair while I was still a puny Earth-only tank Sacrier, we've played all sorts of games and had so much fun...
Until we reached Dark Vlad's Maze. My guildmates tried it, won a beer and moved on, but not me. I've stared at the main prize, the Dark Vlad's Wooden Sword and felt something burning in me. I've attempted to find Dark Vlad in his maze more times than an Iop could count while my guild was dancing it out in Dopple Dopple Revolution. And then I found him. I found Dark Vlad and I won the wooden replica of his sword.
At that moment I've realized that I could be doing so much more than just taking hits, I've changed to tri-element and I've been leaving bloodshed in my wake ever since, with the wooden sword that started it all still in my Haven bag, a reminder of who I was before and who I was gonna become.

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The faint golden glow of a candle illuminates the dark, looming walls of Vampyro's castle as a lone Sacrier ventures forth to liberate the people of Forfut. Room after room, she slays ghoul after ghoul. And after what seems to be an eternity; the battles fades into distant memory as she reaches the throne room. There, awaits a tall shadowy figure, shrouded in darkness. The Sacrier steels her resolve, overcoming her doubt and with each step she takes forward; is reminded of her scars that she proudly wears as sigils of her bravery. With a daring heart, she gets stronger with every blow she takes, barely clinging to life - because it is said that in time of strife, the greatest heroes are born. 

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Well my story isn't as crazy as the rest but here goes, There once was a lonely sacrier fighting to destroy zinit on his way he encountered the most horrifying creature in the world NO it was not ogrest, but a tiny creature known as geodrips. They relentlessy tracked him down and killed him he had a enripsa freind to help him when he died but after that terrifying experience he never left his home at pappy pal's. 

                                 well ankama I hope u liked it ^^ have a awesome year!

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I've been playing wakfu since 2014. I had two big breaks, and now I am getting back to it. I just missed the thrills of doing a dungeon with some guildies. I really like the fact that we can learn how to cooperate with others in PVE. Also, Wakfu provides a virtual world where we can do so many social activities. Social butterflies like me will enjoy it even more today. I am happy to be back !

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I'd been playing the game for at most a year on and off when this happened. I was about lvl 42 and was having issues lvling up as quickly as I would have liked. I ended up joining a group of more experienced players, around lvl 100 and one who was lvl 200 (I didn't even know they went that high), and went off to Calamar island. We teamed up and fought some tropical birds and crabs and before I knew it I had reached level 50! I was overcome with adrenaline and excitement and thanked my newly made friends for their help! I simply HAD to test out my new strength! So I found a lone starfish and figured "this ought to be easy, I'm lvl 50!" and started a fight. Little did I know that the stats that come up with you hover the mouse over a monster allows you to see its lvl. I was quickly demolished. Apparently her the starfish can walk and whoop ass. I am now wiser and much more humble. I also have a newfound fear and respect for starfish. 

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Score : -39

Years ago, a sacrier was training with his friends. He was getting the experience needed to progress in the world of twelve in the island of shhhudoku. He was able to grow with the help of others, but, the sacrier made a mistake. A started a fight, while the friends were away. The sacrier called for help, not knowing there was not anyone around. The whisperers surrounded the sacrier and dealt massive damage. The sacrier thought there was no way for him to win, but he was unaware of what he was capable of. One of the whisperers dealt the last blow, and when he thougth it was over, his eyes went red, he felt enraged. He switched places with an infantry and dealt massive damage. He had killed almost all, only one crossbow whisperer left. He charged the crossbow and punished it with max angrrrr, winning the fight.

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Once upon a time,me with my (now "deceased") friends Ouginak and Enutrof, were fighting against boss of The Royal Pasteurizer. At this point of game we was at level 60, so i unlock Bold Punishment and Sacrier's Heart. So we were raiding and my friend ask me to raise the level of dungeon. After we reach the boss (we were absolutely exhausted), the battle begin.Out tactic was to have me as a "nuclear bomb", my friend Ouginak as a Tank and Enutrof as a damage dealer. After beating minions we start battling against boss. It was absolutely hilarious. Enutrof was already dead when battle begin. Ouginak was half dead and I was already at low hp and high flame return. We all know that boss cow can explode his own...feces, but we at this point don't. We were standing at the right corner of map with poor HP and being surrounded by stinky TNT. With the last hope that he will come to us, standing with me as a trump card. Passion runs high, my friend is in the toilet and I almost fainted from fear  of being killed. He use his special movement and ALL ( poop was all over the map) map has been exploded... That was really cool, but unsatisfactory. And that was an explosion story of my life.

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I started way back in 2014.  
The newly reborn Xelor fumbled with her skill deck. "Do I try this? What does this do?"
She muttered under her breath, running out of mp because she clearly did not read any directions about mp and ap when she started.  "On your left!" Her friend, a newly incarnated Eliotrope called.
"Yeah yeah!" Was her response .  Her eyes illuminated and a little grin formed.  "
Now THIS is a fire spell!" she took her aim at the opponent. was not the right opponent. Her friend was consumed by the fire. "WHY??" 
"MY BAD!!"  she yelled.

And they became game friends for 4 years after that.

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Mount Zinit is a wild, wild west. A barren land that puts you to test. Scaling the precipitous summit, we stumbled upon a cave. Venturing inside the scorching dungeon, we tried to be brave. Clashing with a swarm of Dreggons is no easy chore, but with collective power, we stormed the front door. The air suffocates as we approach an ancient egg. Breaking the rock-hard exterior, I feel the shivers running down my legs. The Ashdragon emerges from deep slumber, unbothered by the outnumber. I could only hear clashing sounds of weapons and spells, as my steps grow heavy, walking on eggshells. Before I realize, I was the only one left standing. Before my fallen comrades, I kept on fighting. As I realize the beast grew tired, I lost my footing and all that I desired. The lost, frustrating as it may, I live to fight the dragon another day.
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Me and my guild mates were recently running Zordfish and while we were running through the rooms my friends a rather quirky  Osamodas informed me we could challenge a secret boss in the dungeon namely a Kraken like monster that i previously discarded as a cool decoration of the dungeons. My friend led me into a small niche area containing  some  levers. We pulled these levers in order to obtain fish bait which would then use to lure the monster to do battle with us.

My sidekicks fell at the first attack from the monster after which my friend and me quickly maneuvered are way into melee range of the boss to avoid the direction it would face, as it would destroy a large are with its fearsome breath at the start of each turn. After a gruesome fight we finally managed to defeat our foe as i hit it with my charged super iop punch i grinned with pleasure at this new challenge that was in a dungeon i had run many times before and realised that was yet much that was hidden in this huge world

Recounting of fighting hidden boss in Zordfish dungeon sufokia mines.

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