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Event: A Note to Eniripsa Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 23, 2020, 16:00:00
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"Once upon a time I thought
I'd Always be alone in my journey,
Until the day I found her
in the nearby of the sufokian railway.

We became best friends in game
Dealing together all our quests until it's late.
Fighting side to side in every dangerous pathway
Reviving me when I die 'cause she think
That I will save her day.

And I'm sure there isn't anything that she can't do for me...
Because she's like a part of my family!"
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Thinking back to my early days in Wakfu, I've imagined my Iop, Hexet, to actually write a letter to the Goddess herself. Hope this still counts.

“Dear Eniripsa,
I wanna be real honest with ya, I don’t really know what ya do. I know you’re like, the Goddess of love n’ kindness or somethin’, but I ain’t really into that y’know, I’m just a Iop-brain livin’ for a good brawl. I plead you, tho, to put aside my ignorance and, at least, hear my request. Ya see, I’m real strong, Like, real REAL strong, but it wasn’t always like that. Ever since I reincarnated and plummeted straight through the Tofuhouse in Astrub (ya shoulda seen it, man what a flight that was!), I was a hotheaded rascal: always runnin’, fightin’, choppin’... pretty much causin’ trouble everywhere I went. Yeah, I was the kinda guy no peeps wanted any business with. Yet, I remember this girl, a Sacrier girl if I ain’t mistaken... Gods! Been so long I barely remember her name even! She was the first person I considered, and still do ta this day, a friend ever since my arrival in Astrub. She helped get through a lot o' dungeons, showed me cool crafting recipes and made me discover places I could only dream of at that time. After I got more confident with my skills as an adventurer, she invited me to her Guild, of which she was one of the leaders, and, lemme tell ya, what great times those were! Every day I got the chance ta confront myself with adventurers of much higher caliber than me, go on EPIC quests as a team and take down the MIGHTIEST of foes! Sadly... That Guild no longer exist... There must have been a feud or somethin' between the founders, I never really quite understood it. From that day on, I would have never seen them again... and sometimes I'm left wonderin' if they have forgot 'bout me... One thing's for certain: their teachings, those hours upon hours spent adventurin', they have never, and never will, abandon this Iop-head o' mine! They have helped shape me into the most Intrepid warrior the World of Twelve has ever seen! So, before I go ramblin' any further, the reason I'm writin' ya this letter, oh dear Goddess Eniripsa, is ta ask ya to find my old guildmates and watch over 'em and their adventure, wherever they might be. I hope for a day ta meet 'em all and show them how far I've come in my journey. Until then, I'll be sure ta keep smashin' some big bad Boowolf skulls in their honor every now on then!
- Hexet, the Intrepid"

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for sharing your stories and uplifting everyone's spirits during these trying times! We'll be announcing the winners here soon.


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