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Event: A Note to Eniripsa Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 23, 2020, 16:00:00

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First Ankama intervention

Replying to Nature-Freak-Germany

Hi Nature-Freak-Germany,

Thanks for the entry! Is it possible that you can translate your entry to English?


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It was a stormy night on the Nox server. It seemed even Ogrest knew about the events that had just transpired. Huddled in Astrub center was a small group of refugees from Vainglorious. After a series of misunderstandings, their guild, and everything it contained, had been destroyed. One of them, a masquerader named Enn, offered them a new home in their old guild, The Storm. A kind soul near the zaap donated five million kamas to help them get back on their feet. A iop helped them create a meeting place inside a sacrier's haven bag. The guild remains smaller and less active than its predecessor, but it is slowly growing and may even have a haven world to call home one day.

Thank you to Enn, Xander, Aria, Wyrmling, Mel, Jud, Mau, Jlae, Don, Salbei, and everyone else who manages to put up with me and makes this server a fun place to be. I'm going to stop before this gets too sappy, but I appreciate you all and everything you've done for me.

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It was almost a month ago now, and I was still quite the new player. My friends and I had just arrived to Astrub a few hours earlier and were on track to completing quests and finding new gear. We had been grinding the same few early game dungeons when we decided to take a break and look through some of the various haven bags scattered near the Zaap. One thing was for sure though, we did not have even close to enough kamas to get anything worthwhile (even if they were just low level mythics). This is when a kind stranger named Staind_Red, he was of the guild Valoriss in NOX, decided to give me 1 million kamas without me so much as asking! I remember him saying that part of his guild’s duty was to help those in need, and since he didn’t have time to run the dungeons, this was his way of helping. I was then able to split the kamas with my friends, and I can honestly say it lasted me quite a while. Later we joined his guild, and I can say with a smile that this is one of the reasons I’m glad I started playing. To this day Staind and many other members of the guild have helped us in our times of need, whether it be a tough boss or with gathering high than our level resources, they remain true to their duties. 

Thank you to Staind, and everyone else who has helped my friends and I along the way! 

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This was more than a year ago. I've come far since then.
It was really difficult for me to start as a solo Eniripsa; healers aren't meant to work alone, after all, but I was determined to play a healing class. While I was struggling to grind against Bow-Meows and get any sort of worthwhile experience, a Pandawa came up to me and invited me to his group. I don't remember his name, but he offered to help me. We were both low-level players, so I didn't feel like I was cheating by leeching off of a high-level player. We immediately took off to the sewers and tried to take on a dungeon.
Needless to say, we were beaten terribly. Several times. But despite the fact that we didn't make much progress and I didn't end up getting any experience, I was pleasantly surprised at the experience, and quite satisfied. 

In most of my experience with online games, I have played alone due to the rudeness of other players. But I was offered help this time, and it wasn't the only time. On another occasion, some friends and I played with a Iop who we jokingly dubbed our 'Wakfu Dad.' 
Wakfu isn't a massively active game, and there are some terrible people online. But on occasion, you can find really kind people too.

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Our story begins with my friend at the time;
I may as well write this tale into rhyme.
I was a player, not wealthy nor poor;
Not much for big dreams, but had a knack to find ore.
One day a friend, whom well being I care;
They asked me a favor, while struck with despair.
"I wish we had a Haven for our Guild to be grown; 
a place to meet others, to make our name known."

So I packed up my Pick and Bum Sacks to stow;
Put on a Mining Hat with Snoofle in tow.
By Enutrof, I collected the Kama they needed;
Eight Million gathered, the bid undefeated.
I had got them a Haven World, in prime location;
Because i'm a friend you'd depend on, if in need of donation.
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Dear Eniripsa
I believe I can be a good huppermage, even if I keep making references to ‚Cras’ and I killed „accidently” my teammates… twice. However, this sacriface allowed me to kill three monsters.

I know it sounds like I am an awful person, but deep in my heart I care about my guild. Everytime, I plan and craft an equipment, I am worried if it’s a good set. Everytime
they die, I believe I am responsible for that, because I didn’t explain spells properly or I gave them a weak equipment or my strategy was dumb or I was not strong enough. But then I remember everytime, when they said „Thank you” to me or they cheered me, while I was fighting with a nasty monster. They always support me. For example, last week I was fighting with wild gobballs to get a cool staff… You know, every mage should have a stick that glows and creates explosions. Unfortunately, I forgot all self-healing spells and I kept dying everytime I fought with a big group of monsters. Then, my friends saw my tragic fate and decided to help me, even if at the end they were bitten by these deadly monsters and one cute eniripsa died during first battle (fortunately, I had kenKO). This kind of adventures remind me that they are my friends and I love them. For them, I will try my best to become a better person and I hope they will forgive my bad puns and jokes.

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Diese Geschichte beginnt, als ich noch ein Anfänger war. Nachdem ich Incarnam verließ, traf ich auf eine Riesige Gruppe von Flaggen Schwingern, dessen Flaggen das Symbol der Gilde "The Cosmic Brigade" trugen. Ich fand es Großartig wie so viele Leute zusammen standen, und sich als große Familie gegenüber den anderen Leuten vorstellten. Ich verhielt mich Ruhig und eher Zurückhaltend, doch das hielt die Leute der Gilde nicht davon ab mich zu entdecken. Ich wurde in die Gilde aufgenommen, zusammen mit einem weiteren Spieler, der Masqueraider Moonfish. Zusammen mit Moonfish machte ich viele Dinge, und wir wurden zu guten Freunden. Einige Tage später, war ich an einem Abend gelangweilt und ziemlich müde, also spielte ich mit meinen Emotes. Ich habe niemals gedacht dass ich auf diese Weise jemanden kennenlernen könnte, in diesem Moment, näherte sich eine Junge Cra Spielerin namens Deffobut. Wir beide verstanden uns ziemlich gut und hatten Spaß an unseren Emotes, als mein Freund Moonfish mit einem neuen Gildenmitglied um hilfe in einem Dungeon bat. Ich fragte meine neue Freundin ob sie vielleicht mitkommen wolle, um uns zu helfen, und so begann das Abenteuer zwischen uns. Nach dem Dungeon war ein weiterer Tag vorbei, und am Morgen des nächsten Tages verließ ich meine Gilde, da ich fühlte dass ich etwas neues brauchte. Es dauerte nicht lange bis ich in eine neue Gilde eingeladen wurde, in der sich auch meine neue Freundin Deffobut befand. Die Gilde "Dokora". In dieser Gilde brauchte ein Mitglied hilfe, bei einem Teil der Hauptquest. Ich beschloss ihm zu helfen, und nach diesem Ereignis gewann ich einen Freund fürs Leben. Der Ouginak Spieler Situu. Seit einigen Tagen tauchte Moonfish nicht mehr auf, ich machte mir immer mehr Sorgen, doch meine Sorgen wurden besänftigt da ich viel Zeit mit Deffobut und Situu verbrachte. Das Schönste was ich je erleben konnte, war das Ereignis des Gefühls von Liebe, Die Liebe von Freundschaft. 
In diesem Brief an die Göttin Eniripsa, möchte ich sie bitten, auf meine liebsten zu achten, und ihnen ermöglichen ein Gesundes Leben zu führen. Ich möchte mich Aufrichtig Bedanken, dafür dass ihr mir Liebe Geschenkt habt. 
Nature-Freak-Germany ~

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Hi Nature-Freak-Germany,

Thanks for the entry! Is it possible that you can translate your entry to English?


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(delete comment if needed, i don't like sharing my personal stories and this was one of them so I removed it. congratz to the winners!)
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                                                       Little Ougi his heart so cold...
                                                           Is that what you tought?
                                                                The story unfold.
                                                  He kilt over a thousend Bontas so far!!
                                                  But he got a Burning love for Brakmar.
                                            Once upon a time he was The weakest of them all,
                                                  But the Brakmarian queen never let him fall.
                                                       You can find him in asturb shouting!
                                                                Helping all evil beginners.
                                                             He is for Brakmar scouting..
                                                             He Guides many People ,
                                                              in every possible way!...
                                                                     Did you know??
                                                 Brakmarians will rule over wakfu one day.

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Score : 98
You face difficult choices in a dreary foreign world.
You are bound to the system in a society with many others like you 
Many have given up. Many more will soon do the same. 
You stand brave, courageous, and relenting. You stay to fight.
But that flame inside has already started to die. 

Every second you stare into a screen, you lose yourself. It spirals.
Where has the time gone?
Hours turn into days. Days turn into weeks, months and years.
You find it unbearable to continue.
Devoid of senses, you hear only the voice inside

It urges for you to comply.
“All resistance is gone, Your efforts are in vain, so why even try. “ 

You seek help. A brotherhood of men finds you
Sharing their thoughts and ideas through the program,
While in the comfort of their own space.
An empty seat to recline. It is yours to take.
Your mind swirling with questions.
You say nervously, “I understand” 
They guide you in, they take you under. 
A doubt inside voices, “ I changed my mind!” 

You thrash around, but you’re already strapped in 
Trapped in an instance with the group. 
The computer helps guide your movement,
Moving your legs, as you breathe fast and hard
You can’t get away. The fight has already begun. 

But with your companions in perfect unison,
You find the thrill, the excitement and joy.
A feeling, so familiar but entirely new.  

Number slowly ticking down to zero. 
The afternoon has gone by, yet you don’t want it to end. 
Others are still going for several more hours. 
But your session is over. It’s time to call it a day. 
You stretch your body, dripping with intensity.
Your eyes flutter, you close them for a second,  
You see a part of yourself has changed.
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This is a poem, it's not exactly about a single experience I had in the game, but rather about how I enjoyed reading the lore about the various antics of the gods and how they helped shape the World of Twelve together, hidden in the game.

Feca wields the trusty staff, protecting the world with her shield
when lady Cra with her piercing stare, shoots arrows across the field

Osamodas' whip cracks the earth, spreading the creatures across the plains
while bonehead Iop bashing them with glee, thinks only of showing off his gains

Father Xelor in his brass tower, watches over the passage of time
untill the fairy Eniripsa one day kills the world with her rhymes

Enutrof deep in his realm is counting every kama he owns
counting on his old friend Sram to guard them with his bones

Sadida shines like the morning sun, bathing the land with his flora
but hides the secrets of the Masks, their birth in darkness and in horror

Pandawa always likes to party, whith her your glass is never empty
but if the patrons get too rowdy, Eugor's bombs won't count to twenty

Ouginak the wildest god will bite and poison his way to victory
but even he can't handle the gasses that to Foggers ain't a mystery

The god of fate, old Ecaflip, plays krosmaga by his own rules
but even he can't cheat the Balance, that huppers study in their schools

Sacrier cries over the Clock, bringing Bonta, Brakmar back to life
she fought Rushu once before, saving Incarnam from his strife.

4 -4
Score : 258

 In vivid memory of Shadoro and all those who gifted me this honor.

A long time ago, I was just wandering around in Astrub, unsure of what to do, for all I did was fail that day... As I was giving up on the game, Shadoro showed up. Many a joyous journey was had with him. We shared many laughs and great delights, we worked together and I felt more joy in the game than I had felt before. As time passed by I joined the House of Gold, it was a very welcoming guild. The kindness that was shown in there, made me a person who, helped others in need. From my heart I give you my thanks, this place, these people have truly made a House of Gold.

21 -8
Score : -6

A young forest elf warrior, born of pure energy, on a giant sleeping stone dragon, went alone into the vastness of The World Of Twelve. It was winter, the young elf had to get to know the world she came to, she took her first steps in a mercenary town called Astrub. She saw a light in the middle of the city that seemed full of energy. She had to see this light up close. On her way to this magical light, she met an elf who was in a snowman. The young forest elf, thought that the creature, who could transform into a snowman, was a kind of snow elf "What does a cold loving being like you do in a place like this? There is no snow here and the heat will melt you" When she started talking to the being, it revealed its shape hiding under the snow. A young elf appeared, whose wild hairstyle was close to the look of a flame and whose presence radiated warmth, which raised some questions * What is this being? * Thought the forest elf. "Oh hello," it replied, "I just wanted to rest a little." The forest elf became interested in this warm creature which, despite its body temperature, could be sealed in a cold shell without it melting. "What exactly are you?" asked the forest elf. "I understand you're new to this world, I'm an Iop, and I've used an emote that makes me disappear into a snowman. I always do that when I want to relax a little." The forest elf noticed the magical light that she wanted to see up close. The other elf caught her interested look on the Zaap and began to explain. After a while the Iop asked the young forest elf if she would like to get to know her world better. "By the way, I'm Dolphi, nice to meet you!". They went to different places in The World Of Twelve, places that were full of magic and life, places that are so incredibly beautiful. This boy, enchanted the young forest elf in such a wonderful way, she fell in love with the world and the inhabitants. She learned a lot about life in this world and she learned what it means to live. 

I would like to say a few words to my friend who showed me this wonderful fantasy world
It was a super sudden and quick meeting, it was pretty strange and crazy too, but I'm happy to have met you. You showed me the most beautiful fantasy world I ever saw, The way through the world The twelve also opened a way for me to your fantasy world. I could see how you gave your fantasy affection. Meeting a person like you who is so full of energy has enriched my life. I have taken you into my heart as you are. an open and honest person, full of fantasy and life energy

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Score : 9

I came back to Wakfu several times, always enjoying it with a few friends who wanted to try out the game. It never took long before I ended up alone again, since no one kept playing for long. Last time I came back, not even a whole year ago, I did so alone. I'm usually a very shy person, so I tend to stay away from other people ingame, but since I loved the game a lot and wanted to play more, so I started making my first steps towards other players, scared as I was. It didn't take long before I was embraced by one of the most wholesome gaming communities I've ever seen. I've met more and more nice people each and every day, even high level players from big guilds took the time to show me around and help me get settled in, since I never made it far in the game. I managed to become a lot less shy in the brief time I spent with all these new friends, becoming more open each day and am now a very open and cheerful person, thanks to all of them.

One day I logged back into the game and took a quick look at the Astrub Zaap and as usual found a few of my new friends there. This time however, someone from the crowd whispered me with a simple 'Hi'. At first I mistook for someone else and we ended up chatting for a bit. He approached me simply because I seemed nice as he said. We played a while together and had a lot of fun. He was very nice and I, before I even realised it, ended up talking with him each and every day, spending hours each day with him, playing and talking. Until one day, about half a year ago, he confessed to me. I was unsure at first, since he lives far away, but my life became a much happier one ever since that day. I never regretted my decision and as soon as this whole chaos is over, I'll fly to him, finally meeting him in person for the first time.

Thank you Wakfu and all the great people within your community.

5 -4
Score : 407
Dear Eniripsa,

I came to Astrub for the first time recently in December as a Solo-Eniripsa.
I was confused but excited. I was given Fish by a random adventurer who said it's a gift as I am new around, and left to never be seen again.. Eventually I figured out that I could mix those Fish to make Osamodas Powder and sell it from my Haven Bag to make some steady income.

This gesture by this stranger, opened my eyes on a gathering profession which is Fisherman, as well as a crafting profession being a Chef.

Things weren't easy when you're exploring alone, being fragile to everything where I was relying on my Coney to block Enemy's vision and spells from reaching me, healing & tanking the hits for me as well as sacrificing himself to keep me going.
Coney felt to me like a great Adventurer's sidekick, and noticed that us Eniripsas can be Versatile!

When I first visited Astrub Sewers, I misjudged the location & Larvas around to be some random monsters with random colors creeping around.
I experienced the Pizz'Larva and immediately realized that every single monster had a purpose.
The Larvas were being used as a recipe in the Kitchens, and every color represented a taste, and the seeds could be delivered to the Guild Hunters on the spot.

A Small incident such as the Pizz'Larva in an odd place like Astrub's Sewers made me appreciate the entire Wakfu World and it's monsters and take it serious, knowing everything got a purpose and a story behind it's existence.

And just like that, I've got to experience Adventures, Spells, Fights, Trading, Gathering and Crafting Professions, Guild Hunters & Lore in Wakfu as a Solo Eniripsa within my first week!

Love Wakfu, the community & Eniripsa! <3

6 -4
Score : 8099
"A fellow Mushroom"
8 -4
Score : 713

Dear Eniripsa;

Back when there was no level requirement on dungeons, I use to run the gob dungeon, with low level players, any level, to help them get some levels and give them some gear and items, I found it fun, Back then the tutorial wasn’t anywhere near as good as it is today, so a lot of people were just confused on how to play, so I came in to help, that’s when I met her.

I was running the gob dungeon like always, and asked around anyone want to join, any level welcome, she and a couple others decided to take me up on that offer, I didn’t think too much of it, we talked through the dungeon, and after I added them and told them to do so if they want.

The next day I log in, to go to the troll fair that just came out, I looked around was pretty bored, and wasn’t very fun by myself, so just as I’m about to log out, I get a message.. from her, “Hey” she said, and asked what I was doing, I told her I’m at the troll fair, and she asked if she could join me, and of course I said yes, we met up at the entrance, and ran around doing all the games, she joked that it was a date, and we should save the tunnel of love for last, so we did, but unfortunately while she was in a game, a message of server reset in 5 mins appeared.

We never did make it to the tunnel of love, but from there we became best friends, talking till the end of the server and every day after for the next 2 years, it was the best moment of my life.

Thank you, Anne, for everything =) 

8 -5
Score : -7

It's been quests after environmental quests to EVEN more quests, to fighting the local Kralove population, all for the sake of 'experience'. But now it's time to calm down, take a break from all the fighting and constant running, heck even the poor dragoturkey is tired. 'Food. Food is what I need right now' the sadida thought to herself hungrily. She crouched down opening her haven bag to see what edible morsels she could uncover. But alas, all she had was a bag of fine sea salt. Definitely not what she wanted to find. "Where in the World of Twelve is my-"
*crunch crunch*
She looks over to see her mischievous dragoturkey casually munching her last Crummon.
"Margu no! Bad dragoturkey!" she yelled at the ignorant creature, replying to his owner with a blissfully blank stare.
She sighs, slumping beside a tree and daydreaming of what wonderful meal she COULD be having right now. 'Hmmm, Iglairs with API syrup or some Juicy stew or even...moogon filets' That's it moogon fillets and her chef-level was just high enough for it too!
She jumped up excitedly, off to the Cania Plains!
*a few hours later*
There were few to no moogons in the plains, highly irregular, but she wouldn't know since she rarely ever travels to Bonta. She soon stumbles across a dead moogon, and then she proceeds to gleefully collects it's monster seeds, what ain't better than this; wakfu gauge increases, trapper skill levels up and best of all, FOOD.
However, things did not go quite as planned. Apon sowing a few moogon seeds onto the ground a flickering light of a bandit appeared above her head. By the great Sadida! She had only been incarnated for a few months now! There is no possible way she could be an outlaw! Yet the symbol above her head clearly stated otherwise. Scared and in clear distress she ran over to the nearest dragoturkey express in hopes of escape, only to find out they don't allow outlaws to ride the express nor use the zaap portals.
Light fleed from her eyes at that moment, what is she going to do?
In the next few days, she avoided any and all lands related to Bonta, researching ways to undo her terrible predicament. But when she finally found the solution she was a complete loss, she had to be attacked by a guard, there was no way to turn herself in peacefully.
She didn't like the sound of that, not one bit. Getting battered and bruised by a prestigious adventurer and then promptly after, get thrown away to rot in jail? Not ideal. At all.
But if it truly was the ONLY solution to her problem, then it must be done, whether she liked it or not. For the next week, she traveled the world of twelve looking for a bontarian guard who was willing to rid her of the hideous title of 'Outlaw', however, there were very few people around, the world was almost empty, devoid of all bontarians with only a few other players from the other nations. At this point, she was tired of searching, and only returned to the Bonta outpost one last time to check for goods at the market, and then she saw it. Sitting on one of the pillars next to Bonta's Jonk was a feca, not just any feca. This feca had these magnificent blue and grey wings next to her name tag, they must be a general or sergeant at the very least! Surely, maybe they'll be willing to help me?
The sadida walked towards the feca, filled with new hope and she'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. "Um excuse me? Could you maybe help me?" the sadida asked nervously.
"Sure why not, what do you need help with?" the feca replied casually. Zereconia was put back a bit, she really hadn't expected the feca to reply so casually after all the feca was much more powerful than she was. "Well you see, I'm kind of an outlaw..." said the sadida hanging her head in shame. "Oh gee, I totally didn't notice" the feca replied with a sarcastic smirk looking up the outlaw mark above the sadida's head. Ignoring the sarcastic remark she again begged the question, "So...will you help me?". The feca pondered a bit, before staring at the sadida questioningly. "You do realize I'm going to have to defeat you right?" the feca asked to which Zereconia replied with a nod, she just didn't want to be an outlaw anymore...
"Don't worry, I will help you" the feca replied with a reassuring smile, hopping down from her comfy perch from the pillar and heading towards the fields beckoning the sadida to follow.
Once on the Bonta fields, both got into their battle stance. The fight was over with no complications, and the sadida hardly even showed resistance to the feca's lethal blows. And then all was black. When Zereconia woke up again, she expected to be in the dark dirty dungeon of the bontarian prison cells, but she was not. Instead, she saw the wind whistling through a field of wheat by her side. 'But...this is the Amakna outpost?' the thought sitting up straight.
"Good morning sleeping beauty" the feca greeted cheerfully startling the very confused sadida. "Why am I in Amakna? I thought I was going to the Bonta prison?" she asked, the feca merely shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know, but if I were you I'd probably just be happy I'm not an outlaw anymore." she replied with a smile. The sadida smiled back, it felt like an entire Zenit sized mountain had been lifted off her shoulders. She looks gratefully back at the feca,
"Thank you so much- wait I didn't quite catch your name?" she thanked before interrupting herself. "Xepherus" the feca replied. "Thank you so much Xepherus! I owe you big time!" the sadida thanked again gratefully causing Xepherus to chuckle."There's no need, I honestly don't mind helping out."Xepherus replied. Zereconia nodded, but thank her again. Xepherus then waved goodbye as she approached the Outpost zaap wishing the sadida good luck with whatever quest she will follow next and warned not to plant any illegal seeds again before disappearing into the zaap. Zereconia smiled "Xepherus..thankyou, someday Xepherus, someday I will repay you," she said quietly to herself. Now off to the next adventure!
*crunch crunch*
'not this again' she said grumbled, as she saw her turkey munching shamelessly headfirst in her haven bag.

4 -5
Score : 1102

Ro: "yo o/"
Raj: "heyo"
Runes: "you blow"

Ro: "I got the covid in navajo"
Raj: "oh no!"
Runes: "it's time for you to go"

Ro: "runes you are cold like an eskimo"
Runes: "shut up, i hate the snow"
Raj: "he's right tho"

Ro: "now i gotta stay home and keep my head low"
Runes: "don't you have a lawn to mow?"
Raj: "not cool bro"

Ro: "Runes, why do you assault me so?"
Runes: "cause you make me worry, cause you're my friend Ro."
Raj: "awwwwwww"
Runes: "no."
Runes: "NOOOO"
Ro: "hohoho"

4 -1
Score : 666
<3 I'm not very good at telling stories...<3
<3 And there have been many moments where I have helped many people,<3
<3 and other moments where other people have helped me. <3
<3 I think that from the smallest gesture of help, up to the largest ... <3
<3 you must always appreciate them in equal measure. <3
<3 Maybe the good thing about this game is to see people helping each other. <3
<3 In this difficult period it is these gestures of help and love <3
<3 that change people. <3
"A true act of goodwill always sparks another"
10 -3
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