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Event: A very special anniversary - Entries

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - February 19, 2020, 15:39:03

Post your entry here to participate to the event WAKFU's 8th Anniversary Contest

Please read the tutorial here before posting your image.

First Ankama intervention

Hi everyone,

Thank you for celebrating our birthday and submitting your entries! We'll be announcing the winners here.


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Breaking News :
The Guards of 12 have issued notice to the local people about an iop who has gone missing after a visit to an amusement park.

The guards have also released some security camera footage showing the missing person having fun inside the theme park on a ride.
If you get any info about the person,
Call 000-000, or  report to your nearest guards of 12 station. 

IOP - Male - 20 cabbages in head.
- "I told him to go get bun, not to go have fun."  -  Wife
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Chillberg? More like Will-yall-start-replanting-artic-chafers-now-berg.

This is 100% a callout post.

Feel free to @ me. (in case it doesn't work bc I was having issues)
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lol same its not working for me

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Duality is fundamental in our Krosmos.
Just as Wakfu cannot exist without Stasis

We came together.

Many names we called ourselves. No undisputed leader recognized. 
No singular focal point, but I know who started it all.

Those who stand before us now, honor Life though their Death.
I am Sairoxin
We are
Death Row. (not workin for me either)
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Use the image with it's extension/use the copy image link option :

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I am a miner and I'm digging some ore

Diggy, diggy ore, diggy, diggy ore

My friend is a Snoofle and we're digging some ore

Diggy, diggy ore, digging some ore
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  When you are a small and unlucky sadida,
  asking for help from your green friend,
please help me Hulk!!

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Eula still wonders why everyone should "accept" her before even trying to enter the Krosmoz.
Here she is pictured in a rare moment: reading her own EULA trying to understand.
(She's now 198 and still "Nerds" inside)
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Showing the Ropes

An aspiring Great Mentor.
Sacrifices his time 
To help out young bloods arriving in Astrub
Together with his dhreller pet, Manny.
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My Osamodas Looking for a fish.
Fish to feed his pets.
Hoping to be the Greatest Tamer.
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Is that a Sram?? 
Or A ghoul?

Run fast!!

With Execution
He takes your Soul..                    (gif uploading   isnt working

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I don't actually care for the contest.
I'm just using it as an excuse to post a cute picture of my character Rellalus, relaxing near the water with her gellutin pet, Dotto.

Link to picture, just in case
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There was once a ruler full of ambition,
but he went against a prohibition,
so his vice-ruler took over his place,
but her unease showed on her face,
she got to soon to that position,
no way she was ready for that competition,
the torture dungeon was the best place to hide,
because no one ever looked inside,
she lived her time as a ruler gracefully backbend,
alone and full of alone-parties to the end.

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Score : 20
Found and raised by the quack people
Grew up into one of the finest of quacks
Now a seasoned adventurer with her brother
Formally known as Akvile The Quack Queen
Iconic phrase "quack"
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Score : 1130

She beat the Terror of the Plains alone, when all others had fallen or fled 
(Though that was in another life, I still think it's gone to her head)
Now she plans to duel the gobbalrog, and soon she's going to be dead.

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Score : 179

After a long day of labor, the sadida enjoys his free time with jellix!

"Cannon ball!!" - Mint Jellix Junior 
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Score : 307
My shady Sram is so proud...
When she beats enemies in her first round!
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Score : 58
My Sacrier with Luna the bow meow

Greatest duo since Bugs and Daffy
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Score : 61
And there's our hero.
Trying to get a grasp of what he is destined to be.
Is he going to fulfill his path as the Grandest Xelor?
Is he going to master the walk of his ancestors?
Is he going to prove that sticks and stones will never break thy bones?
And those are the questions that we can never answer.
For the answers alone are stilt never known.
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Score : 42

It doesn't matter where he is,
It doesn't matter what he's doing,
Because when it catches him the vibe
My huppermage starts dancing till the sunrise.

If you can't see the picture click here
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My pandawa visiting her grandma in Pandalucia.

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