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Event: Smashing Design Contest

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 28, 2018, 16:00:54
First Ankama intervention

Replying to chaoticevil

Hi guys,

We can see the entry:

See message in context
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Score : 172

I guess I will kick things off.  Hanni from Nox incoming!!

-Some points for first
The idea is.... pirates raiding around the islands and smashing the bosses.
The blue represents wakfu energy and it would be glowing/shimmering.  Or even some glowing like wakfu energy around it.  The chest areas on both would have a shirt, but I didn't fill those in cause it looked flat.  (I'm not a graphic artist, just a designer)  The shoulders could/would be animated and flowing.  And let the hair poke out of the bandana, so we don't look bald.

I choose the colors to center around black and blue, while the blue is representative of wakfu its also akin to the saying "black and blue" which is discoloring like bruising when you beat something up, like a BOSS!

-Points for second
A Wakfu meets Mario boss smasher style, hammer on the back.  Big golden BS on the hat for none other than "Boss Smasher"

-point for third
Same concept as wakfu pirates only instead of a bandana, they are blindfolded cause, this boss smasher was so easy WE COULD DO I BLINDFOLDED! XD

So that is my idea, good luck to me and everyone else!  biggrin

*note* not sure the img tags are working, i keep doing it and it goes blank

Score : 928

Idk why, but I can‘t see ur image 

Score : 7728

Hey, there are my Boss Smasher costume ideas. I have some more ideas to present I hope I will have enough time to doodle them untill 16.08 c;

1. Slayer of the Chosens Costume

few color variants for a costume
2. Executioner of the Chosens Costume
Score : 2847

The laurel wreath is a good to fit in competition~

Score : 7118

Gave this a swing! Did a more demon-ish design !

Score : 172

I like it, good job!

Score : 16

modified comment:

-this idea came to bring new references to JoJo Bizarre Adventures

Score : 1025

I just liked the idea of wearing corpses on a string.

Score : 172

that one is rad, i dig it

Score : 532

Score : 928

no long capes i think, idk if this height is alright :O

Score : 11938

I decided to embrace what the boss smashers really are: Dethroning the upstart bosses of the world of twelve on their own terms to prove you are stronger then them.

This is why I decided to make my costume just a tribute to the bosses of twelve and craft it out of the "souveneers" I took from their unconcious bodies (plus a bandana to represent the ALS auto stat emblem).

The Ur-Surper costume

PS: The Royal blibli pants are more of an concept then a final design, I just liked the idea of it being part of the armour since it's an unusual crown, the blibli crown could also be a breastplate and the wa crown a belt but I thought the Wa crown would look cuter as a breastplate (maybe the blibli mask could be epaluetes instead?), in any case some other upside crown could be used as a skirt
PPs: On the female one the Wa crown would be half hidden by the boobs but otherwise be mostly the same (maybe some of the crown's white fluff to cover the boobs?)
PPPS: If it will be animated the crowns on the wrists could rotate and the bandanna ends could gently float like the wind is blowing it around (alternatively the spikes on the bandana could scroll down the bandana on both sides and there being no crowns on the ends)
PPPPS: If anyone's wondering:
Crown: Royal Tofu
Bandana: Royal Piwi
Chestplate: Wa Wabbit
Epaluettes: Pearly Bilbimussel
Belt: Royal Blibli
Boots: Royal Gobball
PPPPPS: I had to change the picture, the first one was cropped wrong, do I have to make a new post or is it ok?
Score : 4654

boss SMASH

Same design for males and females 

drawing in 3/4 view is hard
Score : 928

How is this soooooo familiar to me? XD

Score : 341
Here is my first idea
So its inspired from those Grambo mobs:
Id love to change the colors but i wanted the idea to be original
I also made only on draw for behind mannequin, its the same costume design for both male and female 
My second idea
Since winter is coming here is a winter warrior costume inspired from American Indians with some animal fur on head to keep them warm!
My third idea

I didnt have Pro drawing program, i only redrew my paper skitch on drawing program on iPhone so i had to redraw the mannequins too " hope its okay to redraw them".. so it could be better on pro programs but i lack experience.
Score : 202
 plz enjoy
Score : 11938

The second one looks super impressive, I'd call it

Captain of the cold fleet

Score : 309

Hi, This costume is inspired by Gilgamesh ^^ ... the wings are swords that fly on the back ... and the hairstyle stays the same for each class, but the color is from character... and the bodypainting is glowing ... ^^ 

Update: Now 2 Version of Attachments and Female Version ^^
Score : 88

Gilgamesh and Saber laugh

Score : 95

I have two ideas that I'd like to enter. smile
First, Nightcaller Costume-

Second, Krosmoz Sentinel Costume-

Ok, sorry for the long description but i want to explain this one. This is inspired by the Krosmoz which is represented in two parts. As this would be a reward to those who defeat a certain amount of bosses from Boss Smasher I like the idea of rewarding them with something that felt like they are the protectors, or rather, guardians of the krosmoz. Sure, players kinda just barge into a monster's home and force a fight but to them, they are claiming victory over the toughest obstacles not only in the world of twelve, but also beyond. 

Super excited for this, good luck everyone! biggrin

Edit: Was annoying me that i didn't know how to post the images here XD finally figured it out.
Score : 32


Score : 168
The concept of costume is 'Wanderer Alchemist'.
I used a color similar to the last Boss Smasher costume and designed it to be easy to apply in the game smile

Edit - Resolution problem solved
Score : 619

its a good costume, but i see a little more miner then alchemist personally 

Score : 619
This is a Missez freezze boss smasher inspired costume, the skirt of the female dont have to be that long if it becomes an issue feel free to shorten it. i would like the hair styles attached to the costumes if possible because it helps embody Freezze IMO. im not super talented with graphic art so i did what my limited experience could hash out lol. i went with a dress because i wanted to cater the the feminine players as well as the masculine players. Freezze has always been my favorite boss in wakfu and AW or AMBA was well overyplayed by everyone so i dont think the reference would go unnoticed. i feel like theres a little ninja in the costume. so you could go from beaten down a boss to an after party celebration still looking fly. I spent a lot of time creating this so i do hope the players and ankama like this design as much as i do~!theres a little frost i meant to erase on his lower abdomen so u can ignore that.i did put frost in his hair and on the ice crystals on his arms, and hands and feet of both of them. i think it would look good if the frost was animated on the costume it would give it more Freezze to it. but of course it isnt needed just a thought i had when i created the costume. on his head is ice crystals but if that is to much it can be changed to normal hair or removed 
Score : 176

Score : 30

This is a design based on some items from different bosses from Boss Smasher, for example, I used the design Dragon pig has on its arms (the bandages) (real quick forgot about the rule for the collar on capes I apologize D:
Added the colors on the left just in case ^^

Costume design


Score : 17
Score : 17

Score : 1198

 Ogrest Hunter boss smasher costume.

Features a floating obsidian arrowhead, retractable gauntlet blades, shimmery Wakfu tattoos and pulse glow Dofus egg rune on back.
Score : 928


Score : 71

Here are my two costumes ideas smile

Costume 1:
Inspired on vampire hunters costumes.
Costume 2:
Inspired on Roman warriors, with gold armor and red stone on this.

Good luck everyone!