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Dear Members of Sufokia

By Sakuchi002 - MEMBER - June 09, 2015, 04:27:50

Good Morning Members of Sufokia.I, Sakuchi, have decided to run for governor of Sufokia!Now for those of you who don’t know me I have been in the Sufokian government for some time now under the title of many jobs, mainly as the Ecologist. I have seen Sufokia through many leaders and villains and have now decided that it's time for me to step up and run for Governor. It's sad to admit, but the government has become less active with its community which, for me, was always a great excitement when I was new to the game. I wish to bring that aspect back to Wakfu for everyone.
How will I do this?I, along with a team of trusted players, will run Sufokian Government as a community friendly team.Holding community events and doing our best to help players and answer their questions about the game.We hope, as a team, to be able to bring a little more fun back to the game be it fortnightly or monthly events held in Sufokia for anyone to come and join in the fun. I think our community is in need of some fun, with the rough luck we have all had lately.
So I ask you to please put me into your consideration when voting and know that I want mostly to bring back the importance of community.
Yours truly, Sakuchi

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Hi guys. For those reading this, Sakuchi will fix the spacing error on this message ASAP.
Despite such things, I hope you've read and understood the post.

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Go Saku!!! biggrin I'll cheer you from bonta ^^

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I wish you the best of luck biggrin

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Yes i hope that too

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