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This message is for all the Riktus still actif in Nox !

By blackchoclate - MEMBER - February 22, 2018, 17:09:42

Dear riktus  player I Genessis your new Gouvornor ask for your help  and support !!
I won't lie  and i don't even need to say it but  Riktus is in bad shape and  it is time for us to wake up form our slumber !

All i ask for you right now,  is your help in the battlefield , we need all you riktus  player  to help us defend what we have left and conquer   what we can get ! 

If anyone between level 51 to lvl 200  wish to help plz comment with your  In Game Name , and level.
I will personnally contact you  ! 


For The Glory Of Riktus  #FTGOR


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Yo riktus bums, listen to your leader damn it and get yourselves back in shape.

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This is Onao former riktus member, please just do as you see fit and if I am ellected governor in bonta I will make sure that riktus will be welcomed into bonta with open arms

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