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Looking for people who want to be part of the Riktus Government

By blackchoclate - MEMBER - February 19, 2018, 07:45:54

To apply p.l.z fill these question ! 

Name: Genessis
Level: 200
class: Sram
Posistion(s) desired: Governor
Guild: Inglorious
Why do I want this: Cauz it's my dream 
What will I provide: we shall see in the future  ....
Extra : I like cats !

(p.s the time Limite is Friday the 23 Feb 2018)

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Score : 214
Name: Chapo
Level: 190
class: Cra
Posistion(s) desired: Vice-Gov or Head Guard
Guild: Inglorious
Why do I want this: cuz Riktus is the best!
What will I provide: Honor and Glory to the Clan
Extra : Hail to the Inglourious Riktus !!!!
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Score : 32

Name: Ragnheidr
Level: 198
Class: Sacrier
Position(s) desired: Weather Engineer or Ecologist
Guild: Metanoia
Why: I've been waiting for Riktus gov for a long time.
What will I provide: Plunder and Glory
Extra: Long Live Metanoia and its Buddies!

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Score : 357
Name: Sapo
Level: 154
Class: Fogger
Posistion(s) desired: Vice, Treasurer, Anything you see me fit to have
Guild: Metanoia
Why do I want this: It's always been my dream of dreams to be another mindless thought slave in the bureaucratic machine, please make that possible! Also I love Riktus and what it stands for so id love to help in anyway I can.
What will I provide: Dedication to my work, consistency, Honor to my position, and glory to our great nation.
Extra : If you need any math i'm your guy, excel is my passion and data is my paint brush, Oh and Meta best guild.
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Score : 720
Name: Amonyx'
Level: 200
Class: Sacrier
Posistion(s) desired: Head Soldier
Guild: Inglorious
Why do I want this: to show Amon is back! 
What will I provide: Gameplay expertise, PVP skills and help for conquests.
Extra : im nub 
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Score : 591

#I forgot to add that  you need *100 citizen points   ... good luck wink 

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Score : 30
Name: Shadoro
Level: 196
class: Xelor
Posistion(s) desired: I am fine with any biggrin
Guild: The Immortal game
Why do I want this: always wanted to experience in being part of gov (plus it sound really fun)
What will I provide: Ruining other nations economy , Introducing and recruiting players on our clan(totally not tricking them into joining heheh tongue) , respect and glory
Extra :
Brakmar is red
Bonta is blue
Amakna just hit bottom
while Riktus is above all tongue

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