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Good times for all.

By March 21, 2016, 18:48:24

Most of you know who I am.

I am your favorite drink at the beach

Apply below if you want to become something greater, you might get lucky and be noticed.

IGN: don't be stupid this is your in game name not IGN network
Race: im ok with all kinds even muslim
Occupation: just b real if you work at mcdonalds you work at mcdonalds thats it
Do you own any guns: no bb guns or fake shit
from 1-10 how crazy are you: 1 through 10 guys its not my fault if u dont kno math
Look i just wanna be a part of the riktus gov: impress me here

I hate hot dogs, have some fries.

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looks like poutine. as a canadian i need to support this

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Canadian reporting in.
Ironically, my first Poutine was devoured in Disney World, Florida, when I was in the "Canadian" section of the theme park.

I'm a disgrace.

How do you feel about cucumbers?

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Muslim isn't a race, it is someone who is part of an Islamic religion. Just like Christians aren't a race.

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so like real talk

i went to burger king and like tried their new hot dogs

it was like 2.49 for like a dog or something like that and it tasted like something from a middle school cafeteria.

Edible but I wouldn't buy another.


Go out and get yourselves a dog from like a stand or something. Heck, I literally live 2 minutes from Nathan's so my life is pretty much perfect.

Not as good as something you'd get from a nice hot dog stand or food truck but tasty nonetheless. Here is a picture of a hot dog someone drew for me last year.

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IGN- Hell's Belle
If you don't know who i am, you should be keeping a closer eye on riktus pvp rankings.
I feel i've earned a spot among riktus gov, top 50 in pvp ranking, veteran of over three years, and veteran of riktus gov as well, from many moons ago.
Race: Homo Sapiens.
Occupation: Self-Employed 'Private Repossesor'
Guild: Crafty By Nature
Guns: Savage .17 hmr, Mosin-nagant 7.62x54r, Remington 30-06.

I love Freedom, Mischief, and a little fight from time to time is alright by me wink

Riktus should be free to do as they please. They should also be a bit better organized, as i know of not a SINGLE riktus pvp team atm. My aim is to change that, and pollute the server with my minions. You know you want it too, if you are true riktus.... Or, maybe you're not riktus, but you do have a pvp team, and need a solid opponent? hehehe
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I have a Riktus Eliotrope.

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