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Sufokia Gov - June 2019

By OoTLink - MEMBER - June 11, 2019, 05:51:45

We have a discord, so if you have any requests and don't see anyone from the government online feel free to stop by!

I'm usually on sometime between 8pm and midnight pacific time. Feel free to stop by and PM if you wanna talk about stuff! Likewise our excellent government team is happy to help! 

Our current roster:

  • Vice Governor: Allorah from Brotherhood of Twelve
  • Head Guard: Opalis from House of Gold
  • Army General: Maskedninja from Absolute Rain
  • Weather Engineer: Bizlio from Damascus
  • Treasurer: Fallana from Valoriss
  • Challenger: Veratessa from Damascus
  • Ecologist: Tsubaki The Archer from Damacus
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