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Kya's mandate 5-16 to 5-30-2019. Viva Sufokia!

By OoTLink - MEMBER - May 16, 2019, 19:14:59

First off, this time around I'm going to host a Sufokia Discord. If you have any requests and don't see anyone from the government online feel free to stop by:

It's an honor to be your governor again! I intend to assemble a full cabinet as soon as possible, so if you're interested in joining the ranks feel free to let me know! Everyone is welcome to join. smile 

Also, I will usually be on from 8-midnight pacific time. Now, for the plans! We are going to have some events, of course!

1. Sufokia Nation meeting. TBD. Saturday afternoon (~2pm pacific?) or Sunday afternoon. 
2. Sufokia Block Party. 5/25 around 2pm. 

Got suggestions? Let me know! 

Our current roster:

  • Vice Governor: Allorah from Brotherhood of Twelve
  • Head Guard: Tellempos from Sufokation
  • Army General: Maskedninja from Absolute Rain
  • Weather Engineer: Bizlio from Damascus
  • Treasurer: Fallana from Valoriss
  • Challenger: Veratessa from Damascus
  • Ecologist: Tsubaki The Archer from Damacus
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