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❥ Miya's Mandate {2018-05-03 to 2018-05-17}

By honeycitrustea - MEMBER - May 04, 2018, 07:37:14


Hello everyone, Miya here! It’s been awhile~ The last time I was your Governor was back in July of 2016! It’s incredibly surreal that nearly two years have past since then. So much has changed, both the game and its people. However, one thing that has stayed constant in this dynamically changing game is how amazing Sufokia is! I will ensure that it stays that way. Thank you for electing me as your Governor, I won’t let you down!

◦ ◦ ❖ ◦ ◦


I try my best to appoint a diverse cabinet that represents all of Sufokia. A few spots have been reserved for the major Sufokian guilds, but the rest of the spots are open for everyone else! Please PM me in-game [‘Miya-Koi’ or ‘Aurelya’] or via Discord [‘Miya#0270’] if you are interested in a cabinet position! If those positions don't end up being filled, I will open those spots to guilds already represented in the cabinet.

Vice Governor - Dragon King Koroune - Sufokation
Head Guard - Sir Cianny - Legion
Army General - Nutella Covered Balls - Legion
Weather Engineer - Dauntless Dourbark - Super Panty Soakers
Treasurer - Jlae - Brotherhood of Twelve
Challenger - Cramark - Sufokation
Ecologist - Acolyte Menrva - Valoriss

◦ ◦ ❖ ◦ ◦

Nation Meeting

I will be hosting a Nation Meeting on Saturday, May 5th at 5 PM PST in the Sufokian Outpost The major points I will be discussing at this meeting are battlefields, alliances, and events. I'll be trying something new this time- It'll be both in-game at the Outpost and on Discord. The Discord link will be posted in my Governor speech and here as soon as I get that sorted out.

◦ ◦ ❖ ◦ ◦


There will be two events this term! One is an auction event, and the other will be a joint event between Amakna's government and our government. More details will be available at the Nation Meeting.

There will be an auction event this Saturday! More info will be posted soon on the Nox Market Discord. The Sufo-Ama joint event is still being planned, stay tuned for that! PM me or any of the Sufo-Ama cabinet member for an invite to our joint Discord server.

◦ ◦ ❖ ◦ ◦


Come join us at battlegrounds and help Sufokia win some territories! (Or defend territories~) Every little bit helps smile

◦ ◦ ❖ ◦ ◦

And that is all for now! Please take care. If there are any questions or concerns, my Discord [Miya#0270] is always open if you can't find me in-game.

Yours Truly,

Governor of Sufokia
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Amak x Sufo <3
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I have taken the liberty of screenshotting the territory count for when you started your mandate and decided to participate in Battlefields.

I am going to go ahead and post the territory count as of today, May 10th.

Edit 1: It's not really looking too good for you or your term, Miya. Better step it up while you're still in power, you know?  (May 12th, end of the day)

Edit 2: Sufokia has thus far lost ALL of its territories. Keep in mind that the minimum territories that a nation can have is 4, because of Outpost + 3 Trade bridges that cannot be taken over, so Sufokia effectively controls 0 zones.  I thought you said you weren't going to let them down? Was that a lie? (May 14th, end of the day)
[left]Edit 3: Sorry, I turned in early yesterday. So Sufokia gained one territory, congratulations! But before you celebrate too hard, take note that the Amaknans that you allied with are losing territories. Shout out to Riktus for also gaining a territory but having it's partner Bonta lose two. (May 16th)

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o gawsh, looks like brakmar wins for once. 

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May 20th. Four days of constant Brakmar defenses, and the Sufokia/Amakna have actually lost a territory.

How do you even do that when it's nothing but Brakmar defenses?



Your term was a failure.
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