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The future of Sufokia's secluded and lazy governement

By RadicalSlash - MEMBER - July 30, 2017, 06:45:24

I know it seems a bit too "on-the-spot" target here, but it's been a small while since I've wondered why every nations seems to have active players as governor BUT Sufokia's. Someone told me that if Sufokia's "owners", which happens to be the guild Order of the Shushu, are dethroned from the governement, they'll start pk-ing their own citizens for no reason and forcefully downvote the new governor to take it down immediatly. Sounds to me like a bit of a tyranny from the kind people of Sufokia that I know, kinda like what's happening in Syria or something.

So I'm asking everyone here, and also the Shushu people, would it be at least a good deed to put someone else on trial or something, because seeing "Juice" people everytime is too juicy (no pun intended) for maybe not only me, but many Sufokia guys and girls who wants to experience a "not-dead" game.

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join a different nation.

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what if I stay loyal to this one?

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  1. Define "active player" for me if you will.
  2. Explain how it's a lazy government. Because unless the eco auto fixes itself and I wasn't aware, I don't want to be running around fixing it for nothing.
  3. Do ask that "someone" who informed you of our history to accurately describe the events that led us to pk the 1-2 governors in the past. (if you care that is, doesn't matter to us)
  4. I do believe you are part of the cabinet now too? does that mean whatever this approach is also applied to you as well? (don't know see where you trying to go with this or who you are expecting to rise up)
  5. Are you inferring that any solution to this "tyranny problem" would make the entirety of Wakfu as a whole, not a "dead-game"?
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Just kill them. The way to beat people in a fight is -gasp- win the fight. Press shift+P to view your passport, then enable PvP.

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join a different nation.

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Listen well! I am a savage teasing and angry bastard when it comes to forums alone. Otherwise I wouldn't be there talking about the case if it wasn't about mindless idiots telling me to write crap here.

I won't be clear, but I don't give a damn, ok? If miss juicy up here, or whoever personnality flows in the mind, would act more active and try at LEAST to not have the damn army of minions unfairly clutch the votes every single time, that would truly be less disappointing for all of us.
YES I am in cabinet, and I'm grateful to retrieve my rightful place and immediatly answer the call of duty when on, but to be directed by... absolutely nobody? it proves that "lazy" is a good word to put here.
I don't remember exactly who told me Shushu's history, but I vaguely remember seeing some purple icon next to it, maybe Valoriss? again, I don't remember too much, maybe from another guild.

If you are to boot me out just because of my ugly self here, please don't. I ain't ennemy of Sufokia, never will I betray it and always will I defend it. Someone just wants the other to pass the torch from time to time... and NOT only to lemonades. Y'know, kindof like a tryout for a change. Game me is never too greedy (only for leveling though, but that's basic RPG stuff). Just take time to at least be generous and not selfcentered for some time.

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Sufokia has always been the smallest nation on Nox. It's not an exaggeration to say that Order of the Shu Shu is Sufokia.

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I believe "Sufokation" is Sufokia. Now now, kids, Little Shu Shu's should know there place in Sufokia.

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Great, now, besides the eco staying up accordingly and actually being active, Valoriss makes things as much BORING as we expected from them. I offered Sufokia the big chance the vote for me, who actually has many ideas to liven things up a bit - heck even Tristangenin seemed to have the same plans - but no, according to Valoriss, you must be online 24/7 in order to become govy

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