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By BloodAspect - MEMBER - October 27, 2016, 14:26:13
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I wish I could bring myself to be more interested in Wakfu politics, especially for Sufokia since it's my favorite nation. That christmas event Miya ran was the first time I've ever seen anything ever happen in Sufokia since .. well .. ever. Props for that by the way.

Unless ankama adds some endgame content to nations there's little reason to visit an unpopular nation like Sufo other than to access a guild's haven world. For this reason I have never voted. There's just been no compelling reason to.

Now say, if someone were trying to breath some life into the nation that'd be entirely different. Otherwise it's just a title. I'd like to see leadership cultivating newer players, finding ways to promote exploration and pride in one's nation.. but that new Astrub update more or less replaced any need for nations.

So uh, yeah. Good luck!

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