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By Cossettechi - MEMBER - August 26, 2016, 04:48:16

Yo! AJ here and here is a list of the events we will be holding in the Sufokian Outpost

~ Super Trivia Contest ~
Date: Friday August 26th
Time: 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT
Show off your Wakfu lore knowledge!

~ Costume Contest ~
Date: Saturday August 27th
Time: 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT
Categories: Channel your spirit animal & represent your favorite dungeon(s)
Sub Categories: most funniest & most unique
Bring your best pieces and get ready to strut your stuff!

~ Hail Sufokia ~

More events are being planned stay tuned for updates!
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Hope you'very brushed up on your lore, show, and game info, cause I've prepared 40 QUESTIONS for today's event!

Told you I could do it, AJ.

And the Prize? Why it's a code for the EXCARNUS STEAM PACK!!!!

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